The Quokka Book

The Quokka Book

Allan Dixon has one of the strongest selfie games in the world. Being dubbed 'The real-life Dr Dolittle", content maker Allan Dixon has become a social media sensation worldwide with his heart-warming yet hilarious animal selfies captured on his travels. Dixon has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to release a photo book about quokkas.

The 29-year-old Instagrammer has travelled around the world and mastered the art of taking animal selfies. His portrait mates varied from domesticated dogs, chickens, and horses to wild kangaroos, koalas, camels, and even a Diamond Python.

Three years ago, Dixon's selfie with a quokka – a small and extremely cute marsupial from Rottnest Island, WA with a photogenic grin on its face has sparked a quokka selfie trend. Since then Dixon has been sharing adorable quokka images every Monday on his Instagram account @daxon and is now set to bring happiness to more people with his quokka images.

'Having taken so many photos of quokkas and never printed anything in my life, I only want to put something out that people will actually love and will affect their lives in a positive way. I hope The Quokka Book is both of those things," says Dixon.

The adventurer and photographer further explains his quokka book initiative, 'The core theme of this book is about sharing positivity. I want to remind people to smile, laugh and, most importantly, to think about doing what makes them happiest."

The king of the animal kingdom is originally from Ireland, but he is now calling Australia home.

'The Quokka Book will be a 96-page full-colour hardcover book filled with quality photos of Australia's cutest creature that I have taken over the last two years as well as some never before seen images. It will be printed 35kms from the quokkas' home in Perth, making it a genuine high quality Aussie product."

The Quokka Book
Author: Allan Dixon

For more information on The Quokka Book or to support the crowdfund campaign please visit

Interview with Allan Dixon

Question: What inspired you to create The Quokka Book?

Allan Dixon: Having taken so many photos of quokkas for the last three years, as well as never printing anything in my life. It is time to create something to bring joy to people's lives. I wanted to put something out that people will actually love and will affect there life in a positive way. Hoping that The Quokka Book is both of those things.

With all the current problems in the world I don't know why the media has to focus on the bad to get viewership. Hit them with happy emotions and feature something that will actually inspire people in a positive way.

For the last few years an animal has been circulating the web known as 'the happiest animal in the world', the quokka. It has an infectious adorable smile and having taken and posted so many photos of them I want to bring them into physical form into a photo book.

Question: What do you hope readers take from The Quokka Book?

Allan Dixon: Over the years people have always commented how much joy quokka images bring them every time I release a new picture. They can't wait to see more. The aim of the book is that but on a much greater level. To hit people with a wave of happiness, to remind them that life is beautiful as well as inspire readers to do more in life of what makes them happy. There will be smiles and tears of happiness from it.

Question: How can we learn to capture the perfect selfie with our pets?

Allan Dixon: In hoping that your pet already loves you, taking a selfie with them should be easy. However, it's all about timing. You have to capture a selfie at the good moments, when your pet is super happy and loves you. When it's energetic, relaxed or fallen asleep on you. Those moment can get you up close enough for interesting selfies.

Question: Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?

Allan Dixon: A career path or lifestyle that you actually enjoy, as in when you get up every morning are you excited for the day of work ahead? Knowing that what you do makes a difference in people's lives does it for me. Lastly, exercise, a good diet of fruit and vegetables and friends make an enjoyable life.

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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