The Radical Shifts Online Summit

The Radical Shifts Online Summit

From 9-5 to Changing Lives

The Radical Shifts Online Summit is an entirely free experience running from the 9th to 16th October for individuals who want to make the most of change, who want to instigate change or who are simply looking to open their mind.

The Summit has been founded, launched and organised by Catherine Plano, a highly regarded leadership mindset coach and author. With over 22 years experience working with big brand companies, Catherine has coached over 100,000 individuals.

Catherine Plano is an experienced, educated and insightful source for professional, personal and business development; offering life, career, team, executive and business coaching along with individualised developmental work with women and teenagers.

One of Catherine's many endeavours to support the entrepreneur, is to establish the Radical Shifts Summit. An entirely FREE 8-day online coming together of professionals, intellectuals and those curious about broadening their minds and widening their knowledge.

With sixteen thought leaders and change makers including Danielle LaPorte, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Vitale, Dr John Demartini, Mark Waldman and a variety of others.

The Summit offers recent discoveries and teachings in the areas of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology, genetics, medicine and philosophy.

'People want to tap into their personal power and they're turning to behavioural science to help improve their lives," said Catherine.

'The Summit is an information-packed intensive course that will help participants to understand the complex connection between their mindset and behaviour.

'They'll learn how to bio hack their brain wiring to make significant changes in their lives.

'Workshops and presentations are designed with practical everyday life tips that people can easily apply at home, work and in life."

When Catherine was stuck in the grind of life in the corporate landscape of New York City, she experienced her first panic attack.

Stuck on a busy train, the experience was debilitating, but this moment led her to make change and set her on the path of becoming a leading professional mindset and leadership coach, and author.

Catherine chose to be an advocate for her own healing and set off down the path of becoming a passionate transformational thought leader, change instigator and creative mind.

This decision and her resultant journey has inspired Catherine to organise the Radical Shifts Summit and to pen her debut book, -Getting to the Heart of the Matter: The No Nonsense Guide to Personal and Professional Transformation'; a self-help guide to assist the reader in creating the mindset to achieve.

Alongside the Radical Shifts Online Summit and insightful work of Catherine Plano, readers and attendees will experience mind opening engagement with experienced speakers and may even instigate their own -Radical Shift'.

Already several thousand people from all over the world have registered for the Summit which is being held online via Zoom and this figure is expected to reach 10,000 by early October.

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