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To Hell and Back A policewoman's story

To Hell and Back A policewoman's story


To Hell and Back is a memoir detailing one policewoman's trials and tribulations working within the ranks of the Victoria Police Force from the early 1980's to the present day. Despite numerous instances of harassment, false accusations and character assassinations, the member still manages to maintain her sanity and perform her policing duties to the best of her ability. Ultimately, this is a story about one person's struggle to say and do the right thing, to follow procedure, no matter what the eventual cost to herself or her career.


Carolyn Pethick:

It is now 2016 and I have recently retired from the Victoria Police Force after nearly thirty years of service. I have enjoyed much of my time during these thirty years and believe the police force is a great career. Over the past few years it has become a great career for women who are now mostly treated as equals to the male members. I often recommend it as a great challenging career for women when I give talks to many different groups. When I joined, only approximately fourteen percent of the police force were women. This number has now grown to about forty percent. Although this book will show some of the horrific conditions policewomen had to work through during the early years, I must also add that I had some of the greatest times in my life whilst working in the Victorian Police Force.


To Hell and Back A policewoman's story

Sid Harta


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