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Transitioning from Career Woman to Mum

Transitioning from Career Woman to Mum

In the past century women in western societies have evolved in such a fast degree we now make up almost half of the workforce. We are encouraged throughout our childhoods to get a good education, attend university and can really strive in whatever career we choose. The world has become a playground to us women! We have a lot of freedom. We travel, we experience, we grow, we challenge ourselves. We are empowered. We are a far cry from the past when our main objective in life was to simply procreate.


Equality and feminism has really opened up the experiences women can have in their lifetimes. We are equal members to men in society and are even allowed to vote!


My question is this? What does society have in place to help women transitioning from this life of ultimate freedom to the life with a newborn baby and motherhood? What support is available to us new age women? What prevention methods are there to stop post natal depression kicking in? I can just imagine what the percent increase in post natal depression are now compared to 50 years ago.


Another interesting fact I would like to mention is to take into account in todays western society comes from the saying, It takes a village to raise a child! How many of us mums out there actually live near any of their family? Personally all of my relatives live in England and New Zealand. My parents live in Sydney, my sister in Adelaide and I live in Queensland. Now days who is this 'so called' village that is here to support and help raise your child?


So where am I going with this you are thinking? I would like to share my story with you on how I went from free spirited, career driven young lady to a lost, depressed mummy and then what changes I made to become an empowered woman and mum.


Before I tell my story I would like to mention something about me. I am one of those women who is completely honest and open. Integrity is very important to me. I am not 100% happy everyday and I don't pretend to be! My crazy hormones make me feel unbalanced a lot of the time and like us all I get stressed and put too much pressure on myself to be the best mum I can be. All mums understand that pressure. Although by all accounts I think I have a good mind, body, spirit balance and I would like to share that with you.


After becoming a mother at age 33 my usual excitement for life, work and especially for adventure disappeared. Being a mother was and is truly wonderful. Unconditional love like I have never experienced before. My mother instincts kicked in and that part of my journey I found really easy and very fulfilling. It was the rest of the time I was lost. I have always been a very driven woman which I a credit to my self belief. My academic mind loves to learn, evolve, challenge and take risks after years of being career driven. And back then there was simply no challenge in breast feeding, changing nappies, hanging out washing and being a house mum.


It felt like someone had pulled the carpet out from under me. And I was left crawling around on the floor not even sure what I was searching for. All I knew was after the exciting life I had lead for so many years simply staying at home was not for me. But what was? What needed to change? Who could I turn to for support and understanding? I felt completely alone in a worldly sense.


My intuition became my best friend. I used my years of spiritual practises to be in the moment, accept that where I was, was perfect. Another transition. Accept where I was and just let myself be guided for the next step in my journey to be presented. Then something miraculous happened...


I found a direction that made my soul sing and feel expansive! Or at least something that really made me feel a overall sense of knowing. Empowering women like me. There is no better way to feel balanced and connected than when you are working to help others. Soul food right there.


So what did I do? I turned to my herbal studies to create products to help myself and women feel empowered again. This was the launch of my company, Miracle Minded and the birth of my award winning all natural Cleopatra range of aphrodisiac products. This really made me feel like I had something else to strive for and provided more confidence to take the other steps like putting my daughter in childcare a couple of days per week to enhance her learning and social skills plus making sure I was open to a network of other mums to support and inspire each other.


Once you have some time to yourself again, a network of other supporting mummies and a passion that really provides food for your soul then I can assure you, you start to really enjoy your new life. Embracing the new you and being a mother becomes truly amazing and you really enjoy and live in the moment with your kids. Most of the time anyway!


To sum this all up. Transitioning from career women to mum is about two things. Accepting change in your life and realising you don't have to do it alone. Believing you are in the perfect place at all times and once you let go to grow, miraculous things happen and next thing you know your life has taken a turn and you have evolved yet again in your life.


Liz Stringer


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