Ultimate Double Cheeseburger

Ultimate Double Cheeseburger

Ultimate Double Cheeseburger
by Aaron Palmer - @lownslowbasics

These are so simple, but by smoking the beef patties instead of frying them, you get a whole different flavour experience…. Who doesn't love a good burger!? Make it your own and add: bacon, onion, relish or whatever else you want – get creative!


What you'll need:

  • 200g, 100g each patty*
  • Your preferred burger cheese
  • White sesame seed Brioche buns
  • Pickles
  • Sauce
  • Mustard
  • Salt, pepper and garlic salt

* We recommend 70/30 mince as this is the ideal of meat/fat ratio for burgers, helps keep them moist and full of flavour

Method/Cooking time:

  • Start by halving your 200g of mince into 2x 100g patties, roll them into a ball and start forming them into a round patty*
  • Season them generously with equal parts of salt, pepper and garlic salt
  • Pre-heat your smoker to 250F, use cherry wood for smoke and once ready, place the patties in, use a drip tray to catch any fat drippings. Cherry wood and beef pair perfectly together
  • Cook for 30 minutes until cooked through, then add your burger cheese on top and close lid for 2 minutes
  • Prepare your burger buns
  • After 2 minutes your cheese should have just started melting, you can go ahead and lay one burger down on the bun, then sauce/mustard, then another burger, more sauce and mustard, pickles and then place the top half of the bun on top


(Tip: Ensure you form the patties larger than the burger bun as they will shrink about 10-15% when cooking, check by holding your burger bun over your formed patty, you should see the burger over hanging the bun by about 1cm around the bun