Wake Me Up Before You Coco

Iconic Aussie Fave Coco Pops Collabs With Doughnut Time

One of Australia's favourite breakfast cereals Kellogg's ®Coco Pops ® today announced it has partnered with Doughnut Time to create Wake Me Up Before You Coco – a limited-edition doughnut, available nationally.


From Friday, 10 November for two weeks or until sold out, Aussies will be able to enjoy these scrumptious creations. They will be available through all national Doughnut Time stores and also via UberEATS (RRP: $7.00).


Wake Me Up Before You Coco is the ultimate combination of chocolate cereal milk dough, topped with crunchy Coco Pop clusters.


Doughnut Time's Head of Marketing Lauren Loubet said that the collaboration with Kellogg's Coco Pops is one of the most exciting things they have done in a while.


'We all have such a deeply nostalgic love for Coco Pops! Playing around with the base flavour of Coco Pops cereal milk and adding the clusters has resulted in something really delicious. We can't wait to hear what our customers have to say," Lauren said.


Kellogg's Coco Pops Brand Manager Sandra Lee said working with Doughnut Time on this limited-edition creation is what Coco Pops is all about, delicious fun for the kid in all of us.


'We've seen people's imaginations go wild with inventive and amazing creations using Coco Pops as the hero ingredient, so we're really excited to partner with Doughnut Time, who show exceptional creativity in everything that they do."


To find more information on Coco Pops and recipe inspiration visit www.kelloggs.com.au.




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