Wednesday Cleanse Day

Wednesday Cleanse Day

A cleanse. A ritual. A day of self-love. A day of de-bloating " whatever you like to call you it, we, however, call it Wednesday Cleanse Day.

Diana Bergen, the founder of Wednesday Cleanse Day, has been intermittent fasting for years (a weekly cleanse day is actually the 6:1 method of intermittent fasting), but recently thought to herself "Why am I only drinking water? What if there was something else I could drink that was full of natural, activated ingredients that not only supported the cleanse, but also improved it?".

That's when Diana turned to a food scientist to develop a custom drink blend containing 10 natural and super active ingredients " let's dive a little bit deeper into them shall we?


The idea behind 'Wednesday Cleanse Day' is to choose the day of the week where you have nothing/the least amount on (as we hate to miss out on a social occasion!). Pop on a face-mask, watch something on Stan (or Netflix), do some gentle stretches, relax and drink lots of water (which I'm sure you already are, as we're all chasing that glow...). For Diana and her team, they found Wednesday was their least busy day of the week, however it can be done any day of the week (we advise against Saturday though as you'll most likely be craving a cheeky wine or G&T).


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting;

1. Reduce inflammation in the body

2. Can hel you lose weight (particularly belly fat)

3. Can assist with healthy hormones

4. May help you live longer

5. Can fire up your brain


There are 4 different ways you can intermittent fast

16:8 - Eat 8 hours of the day and fast 16

18:6 - Eat 6 hours of hte day ie 12-6pm

6:1 - The Wednesday Cleanse Way (1 fast day a week)

5:2 - Eat 5 days, fast 2 days / eat under 500 calories


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'Wednesday Cleanse Day' products are made locally in Melbourne, with the Australian woman in mind. Think the professional woman wanting to look and feel healthy whilst not missing out on any of the fun. She's had enough juiced celery to last a lifetime and is ready for her tastebuds to try something a wee bit more exciting.

RRP: One day cleanse (containing 5 sachets) $27
WTF 3 Day Cleanse $77
Weekly Ritual 4 Week Cleanse $89

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Review: Intermittent Fasting helped me lose 15kgs, I feel lighter, have less pain and more energy.


An important note from Diana:
"We are not about extremes in any form nor do we support unrealistic body image. We believe in body positivity and inclusivity. We are women supporting women to meet their individual health and beauty goals".