Have you heard of period undies? I had previously seen MODIBODI period underwear but was truly skeptical on how a pair of underwear could be leak-proof. My skepticism was heightened when I felt how thin MODIBODI underwear was – they didn't remotely look like a nappy!

MODIBODI was created after nearly two years of prototyping, testing and fine-tuning. The range of leak-proof underwear was developed using the patented Modifier and Modifier Air Technology.

After some investigation I understood the technology enough to trial a pair in the comfort of my own home. Initially I was surprised at how super soft the underwear was and the black lining is athletically pleasing with no visible panty lines.

As a woman, with an extremely heavy flow, I never feel 'safe' during my period; usually it's vital that along with a menstrual cup I wear a pad 'to be safe' which is why MODIBODI intrigued me so much. I have been wearing MODIBODI with my cup and feel extremely safe. I am no longer worried about planning my day around bathrooms or packing clean clothes and nighttime's are no longer a cause of stress. I've even felt comfortable exercising during the initial days of my period wearing MODIBODI.

I originally chose to trial a menstrual cup for hygiene and sustainability yet wearing a pad to feel safe made that goal unachievable, now with MODIBODI I can feel comfortable and hygienic whilst choosing sustainable options.

I've become so comfortable with MODIBODI, I've successfully begun wearing just a pair of the underwear during the last days of my period. I also wear them whilst awaiting my period to arrive to prevent any uncertainty. At this stage, I wouldn't solely use MODIBODI on the first two days of my period as these are heavier however this is due to my own reservations not the ability of the product.

MODIBODI truly has allowed me to live life to the fullest during my period plus they're super easy to clean. It is worth investing in a couple of pairs of MODIBODI.
- Brooke Hunter