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What Works for Depression in Young People?

What Works for Depression in Young People?

Can chocolate ease the symptoms of depression? Does art therapy help? Will St John's Wort fix the blues? How effective is light therapy?

To answer these questions beyondblue: the national depression initiative, in association with clinical researchers at Orygen Youth Health Research Centre at The University of Melbourne, has produced a user-friendly booklet that rates treatments for depression in young people. The easy-to-use, -thumbs up, thumbs down' rating scale, covers medical, psychological, complementary and lifestyle options that may be considered for the treatment of depression in young people.

What Works for Depression in Young People reviews over 30 treatment options and rates each against up-to-date clinical evidence from Australia and overseas.

Associate Professor Rosemary Purcell, lead researcher of the booklet, says: 'The sheer volume of information and mixed messages about different treatments for depression can make it difficult for people to choose treatments based on accurate information on what actually works. We want health professionals, young people and their families or friends to make educated decisions about treatments for depression and this booklet will allow people to do that."

CEO of beyondblue Leonie Young says: 'We are proud to add this guide to beyondblue's collection of evidence-based information on depression, anxiety and related disorders. This new booklet is a fantastic resource for young people, their parents and health professionals working with young people.
"It will not only inform and educate everyone about what treatments work for depression in young people, but I hope it encourages young people to look for the signs of depression and anxiety, listen to each other, talk about what's going on and seek help together."

A Guide to What Works for Depression in Young People is available for FREE from or call 1300 22 4636.


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