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A guide for the ultimate Schoolies trip


Finished your exams and about to embark on your long awaited Schoolies trip?  Unleashed Travel has prepared a guide for the ultimate Schoolies trip, period.

'Schoolies is the trip of a lifetime, the chance to have fun and chill out. It's important to be prepared so you can have the maximum amount of fun," says Jot Lynas of Unleashed Travel.


Jot's guide to the ultimate Schoolies

1.       Keep your friends close

Stick with your squad and watch them more intensely than when you play celeb-spotting in Tay-Tay's Bad Blood video.  



2.       Pack all the essentials

Phone charger and travel adapter. Enough said.

Ok … maybe also take some spare cash, closed in shoes (not just thongs), a small first aid kit (complete with an unending supply of band aids if you're wearing high heels, ladies) and plenty of sunscreen. These items never go astray.


3.       Make copies of everything

Double up all your important docs (e.g. passport, credit card numbers). Store electronic copies in your phone or email account and give a copy to mum and dad.



4.       Watch your social media posts

Think twice before uploading pics to -gram. And think about whether your mum should see it.

5.       Tap into your spider senses

Get in touch with your inner Spiderman and be extra wary of dangers and strangers. Assess every situation for potential risks and if in doubt steer clear.

Keep a close eye on valuables

Keep any valuables on you at all times and only take the absolute necessities on your trip – if in doubt leave it at home.  When it comes to your belongings you can never be too careful. 




7.       Watch your drink being made

Only drink from sealed bottles with a brand name you recognise and make sure you watch your drink being made in front of you. If you are drinking from an open glass, keep a hand over your drink at all times.

Let your parents know you're still alive

A quick call or text will do the trick. Keep them in the loop when you hop off the plane or arrive at a new destination. 







About Unleashed Travel

Unleashed Travel specialises in overseas group travel packages for school graduates looking for the ultimate travel experience in a responsible environment. Unleashed Travel offers Grad Trips to Fiji, Cambodia, Vanuatu and Europe. Each trip is supervised by Unleashed Travel Crew, who are on call 24/7 and First Aid certified, with a crew-to-student ratio of 1:7 inclusive of security and The Red Frogs. Since Unleashed Travel was founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Jot Lynas and Steve Pirie, it has sold 15,000 holiday packages through retail travel agents and direct to the public. Unleashed Travel has twice been acknowledged in BRW's 'Fast Starting Businesses". Visit


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