Abundant Natural Health: Magnesium and Cucumber

Abundant Natural Health: Magnesium and Cucumber

Australian skincare brand, Abundant Natural Health, has introduced an innovative new range of pain relief products that pair 99.9 per cent natural, highly concentrated, certified organic magnesium with cucumber extract high in citric acid.

A first in the market, the Abundant Natural Health Magnesium Body Range includes a Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Spray and uses the powerful exfoliating properties of citric acid to allow for maximum absorption of highly concentrated magnesium, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

The world-first inclusion of cucumber in the Abundant Natural Health Magnesium Body Range is what makes this product range so unique.

"Exfoliating and hydrating, the cucumber extract allows the highly concentrated magnesium to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream where it quickly gets to work on aches, pains, cramps or delayed onset muscle soreness," says Matt Miller, Formulation Chemist, Abundant Natural Health.

A survey from the Australian Bureau Statistics found that one in three people in Australia aged two years and over did not meet their requirements for magnesium.

"Magnesium is an essential mineral and crucial for a healthy body. It helps to keep blood pressure normal, accelerates muscle recovery, reduces soreness and cramping and even aids sleep," says Miller.

While oral magnesium supplementation is the more traditional way of treating magnesium deficiency and aches and pains, many sufferers are now making the switch to topical treatments in favour of a tablet, which if taken in excess can cause abdominal cramps and have a laxative effect.

Working in collaboration with the best scientists at two of Australia's leading universities, the team at Abundant Natural Health are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology and techniques to create innovative formulations that preserve the magnesium bioactivity and active efficacy.

Abundant Natural Health celebrates the natural wonders of Australia. From pure, highly concentrated magnesium that is reclaimed from discarded natural resources in Western Australia to salt – ten times the concentration of seawater - that is sourced from natural solar brines. "Our brand is leading the world in low carbon emission magnesium production, using an innovative process to recycle brines discarded by sea-salt producers to extract high purity magnesium," says Dr Tam Tran, Chief Technology Officer, Abundant Natural Health.

The product is perfect for use before, during or after sport or activity and offers easy application, quick absorption and a non-greasy formula. Packaging ensures easy dispensing and no wastage with a convenient airless pump action.

The Abundant Natural Health Magnesium Body Range is available in a Gel 80ml (RRP $22.99) and Spray 90ml (RRP $24.99).

For additional information contact www.abundantnaturalhealth.com or call 0475 148 018.


Review: actually really love this, so easy to use and has noticable effects.  I use for my own aches and pains as well as for the kids after sport, highly recommend it.