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Achieving School Success

Achieving School Success


Monday 2nd November marks the launch a new trainingpackage to support newly arrived families and families from cultural diverse backgrounds in their transition into Australia.

The free, digital resource for the award-winning program, Achieving School Success, was developed to assist families from Non-English speaking backgrounds to navigate the Australian education system and services for children and families.

Initiated by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, the program assists parents to better support their school aged children by providing a safe and secure home, understanding how to navigate the education system and knowing where to turn to for assistance.


Success represents a partnership between multiple community organisations and government departments and in 2014, won the Family and Community Services (FACS) Mary Dimech Multicultural Award for a team program.

'We know that families raising children in a new culture can face additional challenges" says Jeff Taylor of Child Abuse Prevention Service 'The Achieving School Success online training package has been developed by multiple organisations specifically to enable the delivery of the program in communities across the country, and to help families from all cultures to support the wellbeing and development of their children as they grow up in Australia".

Achieving School Success has already been delivered to hundreds of families across Greater Sydney, with demand for the program building. The free digital training package will mobilise the initiative and facilitate its use in all areas in Australia, even in the most remote of Australian communities.

The training package has been designed for easy use within the community sector and includes translated program resources, family activities, and content designed to explain the key features of the Australian education system and the importance of positive family support and safe home environments in child academic and life success. Donations always accepted to keep developing new services at Child Abuse Prevention Service website.

The Achieving School Success training package can be downloaded for free from


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