Amaro Amro Bridal Fashion

Amaro Amro Bridal Fashion

Its not only the design but it's the character of the women inside Amaro Amro Design that makes a beautiful collection.

Amaro Amro knows how to interpret and mould fashion to any kind of women, his love of design dresses has shown through from birth. He blends soft fabrics and calm colours to create the perfectly modern stylish Bridal look. Mixing tradition with European tastes makes for an exciting range.

Amaro Amro has vast knowledge of the fashion industry with three international awards as fashion designer and the grand prize in magic million race wear 2001. Based on his year of experience as fashion designer, after learning the old skills in the haute couture from Miriam Amro and after majoring in fashion design from Yarmouk and RMIT University in Jordan and Australia, Amaro traveling overseas working in the fashion industry, Paris, Milan and New York and learning the couture skills. Amaro Amro took Australia as his home base for fashion.

The Collection has a romantic appeal for chic women who love demure with out giving up the pleasure of being a women.

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