Amy Massie SKATE at Barangaroo Interview

Amy Massie SKATE at Barangaroo Interview

SKATE at Barangaroo

SKATE at Barangaroo gave kids a rare opportunity to learn from some of Australia's best skateboarders these past school holidays.

Just in time for skateboarding to make its debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, children aged 5 to 15 had their opportunity to kick-flip their way into the world's fastest growing sport!

Interview with Amy Massie

Question: What originally inspired your love for skateboarding?

Amy Massie: I think what really inspired me is that it isn't a team sport, I was always into team sports as a kid and I ended up hated it! Skateboarding is an individual sport and I love that; you create your own look and own style!

Question: How do you feel when you are skateboarding?

Amy Massie: I feel so free when I skate; like no one can stop me, it is the best feeling in the world

Question: How often do you skate?

Amy Massie: I probably skate six days out of a week, I need at least one day off to let my body chill from taking a beating (laughs).

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Amy Massie: First things first coffee and then I head to work, if I'm not working I hit up my mates and see where everyone is skating then I'm off on a mission for the day.

Question: Why should parents encourage their children to pick-up a skateboard?

Amy Massie: I feel like you should never pressure your kid into doing any sport, but the best way to encourage them is to take them to a skateboarding event so they can watch the skaters in action, most of the time your kid will turn to you and say I want a skateboard!

Question: How have you overcome the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated sport?

Amy Massie: Well when I first started it was very hard but I overcome that on my own and learnt tricks by sitting and watching the boys. My message to all the girls out there would be, don't be scared and give it a go. The guys are more than willing to help you. There's also a lot more females skating now too and you'll always find a girl at any skatepark you go to. My favourite female skater is Nora Vasconellos, she's really inspirational- she's just a big kid, she has fun on and off the board, and she rips!

Question: What is SKATE at Barangaroo?

Amy Massie: So just picture skaters, music and visual effects all in one. It is so amazing to watch how all three things come together as one, and it's actually being developed at the amazing Cutaway space at Barangaroo. Audiences can come in and see sneak previews from our developing show and Skateboarders can come to our free Open Skate events and skate the space.

Question: What will kids learn at SKATE at Barangaroo?

Amy Massie: At the kids workshops young people aged 5-15 can learn the basics like how to push, how to fall and also get to watch some of our show in development SKATE.

Question: What's next, for you?

Amy Massie: Well right now I'm working towards getting in the Olympic team so I'm trying to do my best in the qualifier competitions to earn my spot.

Interview by Brooke Hunter
Photo: Daniel Boud