Angela Way

Interview with Angela Way

Angela Way is a rising star from Sydney who is attending the Hollywood Immersive workshop with Lilly Dawson and Margie Haber. Angela explain that "having the ability to be able to be yourself one minute then the next just snap into a different character with their own views, morals, values problems, and just a completely different personality" was her favourite thing about acting.

What inspired you to begin training in the acting industry?

Angela Way: My Grandma. She has always trained me in acting since I was really little (because she has been a stage actor since she was very young). She's always inspired and encouraged me to follow my dreams within this industry. I love watching musicals, plays and tons of movies with amazing actors. Also I've always been some sort of a drama queen by making every situation as if it was a movie and putting on 'shows' with the neighbours or just 'solo' acts.

How long have you wanted to act for?

Angela Way: I've never really had a sudden 'turning point' when I've said 'I really want to be an actor!' but for as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be an actor and something else. For example at first I wanted to be an actor and a ballerina or an actor and a vet etc. Although now I realise I could never do anything else - I'm hooked.

But most predominantly, I started striving for it when I was about 8 when I was filming a little feature film up in Queensland called 'Dragon Dreaming', where my grandma was the director, and I think I was just so absorbed by the plot - that dragons can actually be real - and i was obsessed from then on.

What tips do you have for others wanting to get into the acting industry?

Angela Way: I suppose you need to have tough skin because you get rejected from so many roles but (sorry I have to use the clichéd phrase) I feel if you wish something so much and believe it will be true, then somehow you will make it a reality.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

Angela Way: I love having the ability to be able to be yourself one minute then the next just snap into a different character with their own views, morals, values problems, and just a completely different personality. I also love the moment when you've been so completely absorbed into a character and it's been so 'real' or 'truthful' then after the scene you snap out of the character and it's so emotionally and physically draining.

What acting have you done previously?

Angela Way: The first thing that i did for acting was working on Bluewater High season 2, 'Dragon Dreaming' (Feature Film - featured), 'Terror of the North' (Feature Film - 'Topaz'), 'Second Chance' (Short film - 'Cassie' and partial directing), 'Home and Away', Optus pilot ad (VO - 'fish'), 'Deadly Woman Series 2 ('Bobbie Sue'), Deadly Women Series 3 (Sara Pollok) and 'Butterfly Crush' (Carnes Film Festival - featured).

However, training-wise my Grandma has taught me the basics of acting since i was super young, but I've also trained with Susie Steen for about 2 years now, along with a couple of NIDA courses and training with Sam Atwell (director/ actor/acting coach from Home and Away).

Do you prefer performing on stage or in front of the camera?

Angela Way: Camera, although I do love the constant energy onstage (please don't hate me stage lovers) but I find it much more like real life and truthful.

What roles do you prefer to perform?

Angela Way: ANY! But preferably meaningful ones. I like roles that make the audience think, that are challenging or emotionally affecting in some way.

Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about the acting industry?

Angela Way: Actually yes, I used to think it was all about bad publicity, glamour and fame, but now I see it's so much better than that!

What actress/actors do you prefer to watch?

Angela Way: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman, Rachel McAdams, Scarlett Johanson, Nicole Kidman etc.

If you could act beside any actor or actress who would you choose?

Angela Way: All my favourites! Toni Collette, Abigail Bresin, Eric Bana, or Heath Ledger! (RIP)

What has been your biggest challenge in regards to acting?

Angela Way: Getting myself known by 'networking', getting more auditions.

What is a typical day like for you?

Angela Way: Wake up, eat lots for breakfast, study, try to make my bed hair a little better, school, go over a script/ monologue or acting classes, exercise, hang out with friends (beach, movies, sleepovers or dinner), watch TV or a movie then sleep (yay!)

What's next for you?

Angela Way: Towards acting, I'm going to keep networking to try to 'get my name out there', keep training and take the knowledge from Margie Haber and all of the other industry professionals we're going to be meeting over in Hollywood to apply all of this to my acting and auditioning.

Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?

Angela Way: Family, friends, eating (as much as possible! Just kidding - eating in moderation of whatever you love), being physically active and learning as much as possible (with no stress) from as many people as possible/training.

60 Second Quiz

>Full Name: Angela May Marion Way (yes, it sounds like a nursery rhyme)
Nickname(s): 'Mange', 'Angie-way-wah', 'Milky Way' and 'Bobo'
Star Sign: Leo
Favorite Food: Thai food, sushi, salad, yoghurt, milk, drinking chocolate (not mixed in so that you can eat it), cordial and milk together and soy ice cream.
Favorite Film: Candy
Favorite Play: The Shape of Things - Neil Labute
Favorite Actor: Heath Ledger
Favourite Actress: Kate Winslet
Pet: None but I used to have 3 rats...
Best Feature: Optimism
Worst Feature: I take too many risks and I have an inability to wake up in a good mood.
Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Steven Speilberg or the Dalai Lama
Hobbies/Interests: Acting! Directing, photography, singing, dancing, sailing, surfing, swimming, reading and watching awesome films!
First Job: Looking after animals at my house 'doggie sitting'.
What Can You Never Leave Home Without: Unfortunately, my mobile (otherwise my agent would kill me)
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: "I wonder how many more times I can press my 'snooze button on my alarm before i'll be way too late?"


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