Dr Anh Nguyen Bridal Preparation Interview

Dr Anh Nguyen Bridal Preparation Interview

How Aussie Brides Are Preparing for Their Big Day... Leading Plastic Surgeon Shares All

Dr Anh Nguyen, leading cosmetic suregeon explains how Australian women are prepping for their big day.

Dr Anh says: "When I got engaged 13 years ago, this feeling of panic set as I stressed about how to look my best in a wedding gown. I had 6 months to prepare and really had no idea what to do other than join a gym, enrol in body pump and spin classes and go on a diet. I lost almost 10 kg and went from a size 12 to a size 6."

I had no idea that I could prepare my skin and face for the biggest event of my life and I wanted wow factor for my husband to be. For me that was the amazing dress and my hair and makeup done.

Today, that wedding wow factor involves so much more than just hair and makeup and a dress. Women have their skin prepared so it's dewy and their makeup is flawless, they have wrinkle relaxers to smooth out wrinkles, they have fillers to enhance their face shape, take away tires eyes, plump their lips and some even have MonaLisa touch laser to perfect their most intimate areas.

Some even have surgery to look their best for their big day. It is not uncommon for women to have rhinoplasty so their profile photos for their wedding memories is something they will love and look at fondly for years to come. Some have breast enhancement and liposuction. It's all a matter of priorities today and what makes women feel their most beautiful and confident selves in the day.

Call it vanity or just an accepted part of modern times to prepare themselves for a landmark event in their life but wedding and bridal preparation is now common place and the extent varies.

Whilst some have facials and their brows and nails done, others have the full body makeover and none of them ever regret looking stunning as they walk down the aisle, do their pirhouette in their bridal dance and smile for the cameras.

So when is the best time to start wedding boot camp?

"Most women come and see me anywhere from 12 months to 6 weeks before their big day and we discuss goals and customise a treatment plan where surgical procedures require longer lead times but skin and injectable treatments can be done closer to the big day."

Interview with Dr Anh Nguyen

Question: Why do you think more brides are turning to cosmetic surgery for their wedding day?

Dr Anh Nguyen: A wedding album is no longer something you have printed which stays within your home. Wedding pictures are now shown to hundreds and potentially thousands of people through social media. Women are very conscious of being judged and a wedding is something women dream and plan about from a young age. For many women, the day resembles success, happiness and lifetime companionship. The importance of a perfect wedding day can be very emotional for some women. Looking and feeling your best on such a memorable day is why women invest in cosmetic surgery. Most often this motivation has nothing to do with their partner and the pending wedding is simply a motivation to address an insecurity.

Question: What types of cosmetic surgery are brides mostly likely to have prior to their wedding day?

Dr Anh Nguyen: Women are very focused on being radiant, so skin rejuvenation is extremely popular. However surgically, we see many body procedures such as liposuction, breast enhancement and breast lift procedures.

Question: How can we prepare our skin to ensure it's dewy?

Dr Anh Nguyen: There are a number of great technologies and products. We tailor every treatment to suit, there is no one size fits all. Conditions relating to tone, texture and tightness all have specific treatment pathways. However a package of laser treatments is very popular.

Question: What inspired your passion for cosmetic surgery?

Dr Anh Nguyen: I love aesthetics, beauty, fashion and art. I was always drawn to helping people. Cosmetic surgery allows me to combine science and art, my two greatest past times. Watching a patient's self esteem and worth increase throughout their journey is extremely rewarding. Everyone deserves to feel great and comfortable within their own skin.

Question: What types of cosmetic surgery will we see increase in popularity in the next twelve months?

Dr Anh Nguyen: I think we are seeing huge advancements in technologies. The non surgical space is growing rapidly at 20% per year. I believe this will continue to rise with consumers seeing result and little downtime. Another would be labiaplasty's. This has been on the rise for some years.

Question: What is the MonaLisa touch laser?

Dr Anh Nguyen: The Mona Lisa touch is a proven vagina rejuvenation device. The Mona Lisa addresses medical concerns, such as: vagina dryness, increases healthy balance, tightening and improves sexual comfort and pleasure. Combined with a labiaplasty, women feel more comfortable and confident.


Interview by Brooke Hunter


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