Australians' Snacking Habits

Most of Us Do It, Enjoy It, and Feel No Guilt

Survey Highlights Australians' Snacking HabitsJust about every Australian aged 25-59 snacks between meals at least some of the time and many never, or only occasionally, feel guilty about it, according to a Newspoll survey.

The survey, commissioned by Australian made and owned Fantastic Snacks, found that 94 per cent of the 736 men and women questioned about their snacking habits agree that they snack between meals at least once a week, with 74 per cent saying they most commonly snack between lunch and dinner and 58 per cent confessing to a post-dinner snack.

But 41 per cent said they never feel guilty about snacking on less healthy foods, and a further 23 per cent of survey participants said they felt only occasional guilt. Women are tougher on themselves, however: 62 per cent say they feel some guilt compared to 36 per cent of men.

The survey also found:
Taste cravings are a common trigger for someone wanting a snack, with 54 per cent of respondents saying they are likely to snack when they have a craving for something salty and 73 per cent when they have a craving for something sweet
61 per cent say they have a snack as a treat or a reward at least occasionally, with women more likely to do so than men
More men (37 per cent) than women (27 per cent) are likely to snack after exercising
Healthy snacks are more popular with women than menand
More women (85 per cent) than men (77 per cent) snack in the afternoon

Fantastic Snacks, which commissioned the survey in conjunction with the launch of its new Fantastic Delites oven-baked rice snacks, said the survey findings support its own research, which has found snack products are a taste-driven category and their new product finds the perfect balance between full flavor and less guilt.

"Consumers want an indulgent and great-tasting product," Maurice Crotti, Fantastic Snacks Managing Director, said. "They seek out some health benefits but sales trends in the category are showing they are not prepared to compromise on taste and satisfaction and they'll move away from low fat products that don't deliver on taste. They're happy to live with some guilt in order to enjoy an occasional or regular adult snack."

Mr Crotti said it was interesting the survey highlighted that taste cravings are key triggers for snacking, over and above moods such as stress or depression which are often traditionally perceived to be triggers for turning to a snack.

"Generally occasional snacking is seen to be a positive activity," he said.

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