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Aviation Australia

Australia's leading aviation training organisation, Aviation Australia, is expanding its six week flight attendant courses to include Sydney and Melbourne in January 2015. The courses are currently run in Brisbane and the participants have achieved great success, hence the decision to take the courses national. The Aviation Australia flight attendant course aims to equip participants with the comprehensive knowledge, skills, values and experience that international and domestic airlines seek when recruiting suitable candidates.

Completing the nationally accredited course gives students a significant advantage in what is an extremely competitive industry and Aviation Australia often helps graduates find jobs upon completion. The courses have been developed by cabin crew experts in conjunction with Australian and international airlines. It provides students with extensive theoretical knowledge, hands-on skills, values and experience to ensure they are well-equipped to embark on their future career.

"The aviation industry in Australia is highly competitive; thousands of men and women are applying for limited positions, and regardless of how times may change, the job of a flight attendant is still a coveted one. They are taught valuable life skills and they get the opportunity to travel the world - to see places and meet people they otherwise never would have come into contact with," says Allan Brooks, the General Manager of Aviation Training. "We had amazing success with our training courses. In fact, over 85% of our graduates are employed in the aviation industry."

Aviation Australia's graduates are currently employed with 35 airlines around the globe including world-class airlines such as Virgin Australia and Emirates. With their vast industry network, they know when and who is recruiting and always keep their current and past students up-to-date with the latest recruitment and industry news.

"The practicality of the skills taught in our courses goes far beyond a future career. We've had women who have come out of our courses and commented on the fact that they now have the physical capability to restrain a drunk male, or an aggressive individual. Those kind of skills are invaluable to them," says Allan.

One such participant, Katie Shepherd says, "Since graduating Aviation Australia, I've moved from Brisbane to Sydney and I'm currently working for Tigerair. Studying at Aviation Australia has helped me ease into a career as a flight attendant by giving me the skills and knowledge I needed to hit the ground running. Even going to interviews for airlines was less daunting because we did mock interviews during the course which gave us an insight into what we should expect, right down to grooming and the way we presented ourselves."

Alana Atkins is currently employed with Virgin Australia and credits the course with helping her achieve her career goals. "I was so surprised with how much I didn't know about this industry and thanks to the trainers, I am more confident now to take the next step into my dream career. I learnt a myriad of skills, from the importance of customer service and satisfaction, to the safety rules that all airlines have to follow. This course has prepared me for everyday situations, medical situations and emergency situations," says Alana.

The courses will begin on the 12th January 2015 in Melbourne (York Street, Airport West) and the 19th January 2015 in Sydney (Euston Road, Alexandria). The courses are held over a period of seven weeks. Each course will have 24 students, meaning that participants will learn in a close-knit environment and have ample opportunity to ask questions and hone practical skills. The cost of a seven week course is $5,250.

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