Bake Mixes

Whole Food, Healthy Baking Mixes

Bake Mixes let you bake healthy snacks and treats. Bake Mixes are organic, vegan friendly, healthy and simple.

Banana and Cinnamon Muffin Mix
Organic, whole food ingredients including freshly ground almonds, ground cinnamon and no nasties, these Banana & Cinnamon Muffins are gluten free and will love you from the inside out.

Cacao-Chip, Chia & Oat Cookie Mix
Made from organic, whole food ingredients including freshly ground almonds, raw-cacao nibs and no nasties, the Cacao-Chip Chia & Oat Cookies are packed with super foods.

Cacao-Chip Muesli Bars Mix
Your childhood favourite just got a makeover! Prepared with organic, whole food ingredients including organic rolled oats, puffed buckwheat and no nasties.

Raw-Cacao Bliss Balls Mix
Healthy, delicious and a mouth full of bliss. Created from organic, whole food ingredients including freshly ground almonds, cacao powder and no nasties, these Raw-Cacao Bliss Balls are gluten free.

Cacao & Acai Muffin Mix
We've all heard of chocolate and raspberry. Now it's time to meet cacao and acai! Bake Mixes Cacao & Acai Muffin Mix is the ultimate organic, gluten free, vegan, super food and whole food baking mix.

Bake Mixes founder, Genevieve Le Hunt says: "We believe in living a balanced life in your own way. We don't care if you love a wine before 5pm, if a Gossip Girl marathon is your idea of a raging Saturday night, or what size your clothes are. Our range of organic, vegan-friendly baking mixes make healthy living easy, fun and delicious. Living a balanced life can take time and effort. We hear that. Which is why we are here to save the day. Whether you are looking for snacks for work, treats for the kids or something to impress at your next girls night, we have got you covered."

Review: Hands down the best cookies you'll ever eat are the Cacao-Chip, Chia and Oat Cookies made from the Bake Mixes cookie mix! The cookies are crunchy, delicious and do not taste healthy which everyone loves, they are a complete (tried and tested) crowd pleaser (side note: I took these when I was asked to bring a dessert plate to a BBQ where not only is there every allergy but also 50% of the group eat super clean and the other 50% prefer chocolate). Plus… Bake Mixes suggests you sandwich a scoop of coconut ice-cream between two cookies for the ultimate dessert (OHMYGOODNESS #mustdo).

I'm one of those healthy eaters that wastes way too much money continually buying pre-made raw balls at cafes... not anymore - enter the scrumptious (and easy) Raw-Cacao Bliss Balls. Not only do these bliss balls taste like they're from the shop, I didn't even have to leave my house. It's even easier (if you're lazy like me) to just make the whole packet as a slice (no hand-rolling required).

I've only tried the Cacao and Acai muffin mix once and I used the mix to make a choc-strawberry brownie slice, instead and it was delicious… how versatile and easy are these Bake Mixes packets? (That is a rhetorical question – in case you're still confused the answer is SO CRAZY EASY).

- Brooke Hunter

RRP: $10



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