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Become A Cloud Applications Administrator

How to Become Cloud Applications Administrator with MCSA 70-347: Office 365 Certification

Certifications are known as a solution for career advancement and knowledge increase. In the IT sphere, various credentials are widely recognized because the companies and organizations all around the world rely on certified professionals to achieve their goals. One of the most globally recognized vendors is Microsoft company which offers an array of different certifications for the IT professionals and beginners. These potential candidates have already decided to work with Microsoft products and services. Thus, Microsoft certifications are of different levels and refer various areas, such as data, mobility, productivity, cloud, app builder, business applications. Owing credentials by Microsoft offers candidates a number of advantages such as better career opportunities, better salary and respect of colleagues.

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate): Office 365 is one of the most popular Microsoft certifications which can also serve as an intermediate stage on the way to MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert): Productivity credential. For that you need to pass one of the eight exams, among which are 70-345, 70-333, 70-331, 70-341. The full list of exam codes is available on Microsoft website.

Still, of your aim is to get MCSA: Office 365, you need to pass two exams: 70-346 and 70-347.
• Microsoft 70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements is intended to confirm the knowledge related to the provisioning, planning, and implementing Office 365, cloud identities management, Azure AD Connect, and more.
• Microsoft 70-347: Enabling Office 365 Services is targeted at those who would want to qualify to work as SaaS (Software as a Service) application administrators. It is intended for the IT professionals who evaluate, deploy, plan, and operate Office 365 services. To pass this exam you are required to know how to configure online communication, administer and provide site collections by use of SharePoint, and configuring Office 365 services. Knowledge in Office 365 ProPlus, Skype, Microsoft Exchange Online, and SharePoint is also required for you to pass this certification exam.

In this article, we will focus on 70-347 exam to show you how the credential process works.

What does Microsoft 70-347 certification exam include?
Exam 70-347 is an essential part of the path towards the attainment of MCP and MCSA: Office 365 certifications.
This test covers five main areas:

Handling clients and end-user devices – 20-25% of the exam
This involves management and deployment of Office 365 services.

Providing site collections for SharePoint Online – covers 20-25% of the exam
This includes the creation of a SharePoint site collection, external user sharing configuration, and planning collaboration solutions.

Configuring Exchange Online and Skype for the end user – covers 25-30% of the exam
This involves fine-tuning of programs such as Skype Exchange Online for the business and users (mailboxes, domains and communication settings).

Skype for Business Online and Exchange Online planning – this covers 25-30% of the exam
The questions of this part include anti-malware policies, migration of mailbox strategies and settings for global communication.

Configuring and securing Office 365 services – 20-25% of the exam
This section includes the topics such as implementing Microsoft Teams, managing and configuring OneDrive for business, managing Microsoft StaffHub, and implementing of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Reasons to become Microsoft certified
Job opportunities
Microsoft certifications are among the most sought-after credentials that are in demand by hiring managers. Being Microsoft certified opens up a number of job opportunities for you, such as systems or network administrators, IT managers, IT directors, etc.

High income
Most of the Microsoft certified professionals earn high salaries. Receiving Microsoft certification can be a step to achieving your income goals.

Eligibility for promotions
Organizations always look for someone who has proven his/her knowledge and skills in a particular field. Having Microsoft certification makes you one of those employees that the company may consider for promotions.

• The popularity of Microsoft certifications
Microsoft certifications are recognized in the organizations worldwide. If you want to give a great boost to your CV, then Microsoft credential is the best way to do it. With any of the certifications from Microsoft, you will increase your value in the labor market.

Why is Microsoft certification so popular?
• Microsoft certification has made cloud technology to be well-known.
• Productivity in many organizations has increased due to the work of the specialists with this certification.
• MCSA: Office 365 takes your IT career to the next level.

How to pass Microsoft 70-347 exam?
• Prepare a study plan and start your preparation well before the test.
• Find the exam objectives.
• Use the materials recommended for exam preparation (check the Microsoft official site).
• Set enough time to prepare for the test.
• Use practice tests to help you get a grasp on how to tackle the exam questions.
• Read questions carefully during the exam.
• Don't panic.
• Good time management is the key; skip the hardest questions to save time.

Microsoft 70-347 exam questions details
Microsoft 70-347 exam contains 40-60 questions. Most of these questions are drag and drop and multiple-choice type, but you must be ready to encounter the questions of some other type. The testmostly covers Exchange Online and Skype for Online business. The exam can be found in English, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), German, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil)languages. It lasts for 2 hours and costs $165. If you want to get more information about 70-347 exam, check the official Microsoft platform.

Tips for passing Microsoft 70-347 certification exam
Enroll in a course
There are a variety of courses available online that can help you to understand Microsoft 70-347 exam contents better. It is advisable to join one of these courses because you can learn from the professional instructor.

One of the best tips for passing Microsoft MCSA 70-347 Exam Dumps is the use of practice tests. These tests will help you to learn the structure of the examand also will test your understanding of the exam topics. The other thing about using exam questions is learning how to utilize the allocated time to complete your test. Watch the time as you practice with the questions until you get it right.

Group discussions
To be able to pass this exam, it is recommended that you join a discussion group of people preparing for the same test. Through this, you will be able to get help and help the others.

My personal experience of passing Microsoft 70-347 exam
Throughout my IT career, I had never considered having any credential because I was never aware. In 2017, I attended a conference where MCSA: Office 365 Certification was much talked about. By the end of the conference, I had already decided on earning the certification. Microsoft 70-347 is one of the two exams required to acquire MCSA: Office 365 certification. 70-346 exam is the second one, but in this article, I will concentrate on 70-347 test.

I was really determined to pass this test because I had learned of its benefits. The only option I had was a comprehensive preparation. The first thing I always do when preparing for any exam is to prepare a study plan. With the plan, I rarely lose focus. Only this way I managed to cover all the exam topics on time. The concepts of this test were not easy, so I had to spend more time to study. With my tight schedule, it was quite hard, but I had really no choice.

Most of the exam preparation materials were available online. Practice questions were the best preparation tool that I ever used during my study. Not only do they help you know the structure of the questions but they also help you to identify your weak areas.

After two months of the preparation, I was ready to take the exam. I was well prepared so I did not panic. I read the questions carefully before attempting, and if you want to pass the test, remember that tip.

Success for Microsoft 70-347 exam does not just happen, a lot of preparation and determination is required to pass.

Microsoft 70-347 exam dumps: are they helpful?
Exam dumps are among the best Microsoft 70-347 exam preparation materials if used wisely. Through them, you learn how to approach questions. They also help you know what to expect at the exam and preserve confidence. You can find free exam dumps on ExamSnap website and online at an affordable fee on the platforms like ExamCollection and PrepAway.

What's next?
Upon completion of MCSA: Office 365 certification, you can attain MCSE: Productivity credential by passing exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. The exam is designed for IT consultants and senior admins with 3 years of experience of managing and designing Exchange servers. The exam tests how skillful you are to operate Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

If you want to advance your IT career or learn new skills, Microsoft 70-346 70-347 and 70-345 certification exams are what you need to consider. They are recognized worldwide and that's why you will get better career opportunities after passing them. Passing 70-347 exam has led to increase in both businesses productivity and cloud technology skills among many IT professionals, that gives you even more reasons to obtain it.

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