Being a Bridesmaid on the Wedding Day

Being a Bridesmaid on the Wedding Day

Being a Bridesmaid on the Wedding Day

Finally the big day has arrived, you have thrown a fantastic and fun Hens Night, a traditional Bridal Shower, have been to numerous dress fittings, tasted several dinner dishes and organised countless other things and finally the day is here!

On the big day your job is to basically do anything you are asked to do! From helping your bride get into her dress to picking up last minute things to keeping the bride on her schedule for the day and assisting her getting in and out of vehicles. During the wedding ceremony it is your job to hold the bridal bouquet and adjust the bride's veil and train.

It is one of the bridesmaids jobs to organise champagne and nibbles for before the ceremony and be honest about how the bride looks after hair and makeup.

Bridesmaids need to assist the Maid/Matron of Honours with their jobs, such as witnessing the signing of the marriage licence and hold the grooms ring, if there is no ring bearer.

Remember you're the brides help! Don't let her stress, worry or cry! To tackle all situations make sure you have a Bride Survive Kit! Recommended inside is:
Spare Perfume
Nail File
Nail Polish (in case a touch-up is required)
Spare Hair Pins
Needle and thread
Hair Spray
Safety Pins
Heel Glue
Basic Makeup
Baby Wipes/Make-up Wipes
Party Feet
Straws (no makeup messes)
Spare Tan (spray on)

Kelly Cooper was recently the Maid/Matron of Honour and she gave us a small insight on how the day went:
Was this your first wedding?

Kelly Cooper: No, I have been to another wedding, which I was the flower girl, when I was four years old.

What tasks as Maid of Honour did you perform?

Kelly Cooper: I signed the Marriage Certificate, giving my permission and witnessing the marriage, whilst being there for the Bride before and during the special day. I really enjoying the Maid of Honour jobs, holding her bouquet and fixing her dress. I had great Bridesmaid who helped, whilst I fixed the Brides dress, another Bridesmaid held the bouquet of roses. I also was a bit worried as we had to begin dancing, so the guest would also, I'm not a very good dancer and the Best Man didn't really know how to dance either! I had my hand on his hip and should have been at the shoulder! Whoops! But it was all fun.

What was your favourite part about the day?

Kelly Cooper: I enjoyed the entire day. It all ended up coming together so well and was better than I expected. I loved the photography and having my hair and makeup done. I felt honoured that I was chosen over the other guests to play such an important part in the wedding. After dancing I had to sit down, at the Bridal table, as my feet where killing me! I enjoyed sitting at the front of the room and being introduced to the guests at the reception, I enjoyed being beside the Bride.

What was the most stressful part of your day?

Kelly Cooper: The Bride, of course! Haha. I was petrified I would fall and mess up her day, as I am a disaster in heels, but all went well. Most of all it was keeping, calm and not stressed. As always we encountered some minor problems, but that is normal. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I didn't realise what an honour being involved in a wedding was, until the day. I even got slightly teary during speeches.

What was fun about the preparation to the wedding?

Kelly Cooper: The Bride played a trick on me! She asked me to read a funny poem! I thought she was serious for over a week, I practiced and was stressing about reading and talking in front of all of her guests. Luckily it was just a joke and the only person who had to read a poem was the Celebrant.

What are your tips for being a Bridesmaid?

Kelly Cooper: Make sure that the other Bridesmaids all keep the Bride calm. Don't take the Bride to the reception venue on the day, you are just asking for a disaster! Practice in your shoes before the event at the venue. Make sure you are ready, have everything you need packed before the day so you have time to help the bride and make sure you try on your dress with the underwear you plan to wear on the day.

As a Bridesmaid especially the Maid or Matron of Honour you are a person the Bride trusts and feels she can rely on, make sure her day goes smoothly and offer her support during the stressful times. Remember your role is to support the Bride.

Interview by Brooke Hunter