Cher Lloyd Sorry I'm Late

Cher Lloyd Sorry I'm Late

Cher Lloyd Sorry I'm Late

Multi-platinum British singer and songwriter Cher Lloyd releases her highly anticipated sophomore album, -Sorry I'm Late'.

Cher already has a strong relationship with the Australian public, having garnered popularity through her hit singles 'Want U Back" which achieved platinum sales, and 'With UR Love" featuring Mike Posner which achieved Gold sales. The tracks were lifted from her debut album, Sticks & Stones, released in October 2011.

With Cher's latest release, -Sorry I'm Late' the songstress has opened up to her fans with an unparalleled transparency getting more personal than ever before. This is highlighted in the emotionally heavy and heart-wrenching video for her latest single 'Sirens" which you can check out here: The video chronicles a very private memory from Cher's childhood. As a result, the narrative conveys a palpable cinematic drama that matches the song's musical impact. Following the tale of an unbreakable family bond, 'Sirens" remains brutally honest and immensely poignant.

Speaking of opening up, she has also already revealed Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of her 4-installment 'Pieces of Cher" series. These videos give fans a window into her world giving them an unfiltered and unmitigated look at her life.

Whether it's engaging her audience through her incredible performances, as seen recently at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, or the stark openness of the 'Sirens" music video, Cher is undoubtedly evolving as an artist. The music itself remains a genuine exploration of her emotions and experiences, eschewing typical pop sheen in favor of raw reality.

Meet the real Cher Lloyd on Sorry I'm Late.

1. Just Be Mine
2. Bind Your Love
3. I Wish [Featuring T.I.]
4. Sirens
5. Dirty Love
6. Human
7. Sweet Despair
8. Killin' It
9. Goodnight
10. M.F.P.O.T.Y.
11. Alone With Me

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