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Dr Vincent Candrawinata Your Diet Is Not What It Used To Be Interview

Dr Vincent Candrawinata Your Diet Is Not What It Used To Be Interview

Dr Vincent Candrawinata (Dr Vincent) is a highly acclaimed food scientist and the world's foremost expert on phenolic antioxidants, having completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle on the subject. It was there that he managed to undertake a breakthrough process in extracting the antioxidants from apples with a natural, water-based process. Now, the Activated Phenolics Powder is the most potent dietary supplement in the world and it is entirely natural, 100% Australian made and derived from only quality Australian produce. It promotes vitality, energy and well-being and Dr Vincent says the effect of this can be seen across the body. Many people refer to Activated Phenolics as ultra antioxidants as they are 12 times more potent than normal antioxidants.

'Growing up you are always told -an apple a day keeps the doctor away', and there is truth in that. The phenolic antioxidants in apples do fantastic things for the human body like protecting us from inflammation and cell mutations," Dr Vincent said earlier today.

'Antioxidants are compounds found in foods that neutralise or 'mop up' molecules called free radicals that can harm our cells.

'Damage caused to cells by free radicals is linked to most degenerative diseases such as cancer, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. This is because the free radicals attack a cell's DNA causing cell mutation. These mutated cells then replicate causing more and more damage. The very best sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables.

'The human body manufactures a limited number of its own antioxidants but, in today's world, we need a lot more than our body can provide.

'Hormones used in meat, the pollution we breathe in every day and the heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, finding their way into our foods means that today's fresh foods are not the same foods as 50 to 60 years ago. This is a terrifying thought.

'Not only are we seeing an increase in the pollutions we absorb every day due to lower air quality and exposure to chemicals and toxins in our environment and foods and drinks, we are also experiencing issues with food quality caused by certain food production and preparation processes. Some of these include foods we eat from countries with poor health standards and the use of pesticides and growth hormones and soil depletion.

'This is why it was so important to me to develop a way of extracting and activating the phenolic antioxidants directly from Australian grown apples so this power-booster of health is available to everyone every day as a real scientifically backed health supplement.

'For me, my work is about putting science on the shelf and making available something that I know is missing from today's diet.

'Antioxidants can have an extremely positive effect on your day-to-day life, once your body is taken care of with the booster that the phenolic antioxidants provide you with, you may find other aspects of your health and wellbeing improve too.

'My product range includes Activated Phenolics in powder and tablet form and also a new skin cream.

'I have made taking ultra-antioxidants easy. Essentially, I have taken all of the required antioxidant goodness out of apples and put them into an easy to take product that delivers all of the nutritional health benefits that an apple a day should.

'It is important for everyone to understand that we cannot rely on our modern diets for our daily dose of goodness. We need to complement our food intake with scientifically real daily supplements to ensure we are taking good care of our body and our health and wellbeing."

Interview with Dr Vincent Candrawinata

Question: Why is today's food not delivering the supplements we need to stay healthy?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: Our modern lifestyle and today's food may no longer be enough to give our body the essential nutrients it needs. There are several reasons why this is the case:

- Soils have been depleted of essential nutrients and plants (produce) will only contain the nutrients they get and absorb from the soil they grew in,
- Certain cooking methods can destroy some of the key nutrients in food, such as important phenolics which are sensitive to heat,
- We live in environments which place more burden on our body. The amount of pollutions as well as oxidative stress around us increases our body's work load to maintain its function. Stress and bad diet contribute even more to this burden; and
- The consumption of alcohol and highly processed foods inhibit the absorption of key nutrients.

Question: Why is it importance that we still consume supplements in our daily lives?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: The best source of nutrients is always a healthy diet, however supplements may complement the gap in our nutritional needs.

More importantly, there are certain nutrients that are not bioavailable in their original forms, such as phenolic antioxidants. Our body can only absorb approximately three percent when we consume fruit and vegetables. This is why when we eat too many blueberries or drink beetroot or carrot juice, we notice our urine colour changes or sometimes we experience diarrhea. This is because our body can only absorb a tiny fraction of the phenolics at once and it has to flush out the unused portion.

My technological breakthrough has enabled phenolic antioxidants to be absorbed at a rate of 90% in our body. This is due to the revolutionary extraction technology which I developed at The University of Newcastle which uses no chemicals and only water. The technology also activates the phenolics to be compatible with the human body. Renovatio's supplement was born out of this incredible research.

Question: How can we be certain of what supplements we need to consume?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: The important things to look for are:

1. The supplements are backed by research and have been developed to be compatible and work in synergy with the human body.
2. People tend to look for the -concentration of the supplement' but the more important thing is the -absorption rate'. It doesn't matter how much a tablet contains, what counts is what your body can absorb and utilise.
3. Australia is one of the strictest countries when it comes to regulations. It is good to choose products that are not only Made in Australia but to make sure that the ingredients are also from Australia.

Question: How does stress affect our bodies, negatively?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: Stress is very taxing on our body. When we are under stress, our brain basically interprets it as if our body is -under attack' or -bracing for impact'.

In order to deal with it, our body will try to compensate in many ways. This causes reactions such as elevated heart rate, excessive sweating, restricted blood flow to the brain, etc. If this condition is prolonged, we can experience headache, breathlessness, fatigue, a chaotic hormonal system, insomnia and a compromised immune system. All of which may lead to more serious health conditions because basically our body is tired, over worked and vulnerable. This is when serious illness can quietly set in.

Question: What is Activated Phenolics?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: Activated Phenolics is a specific group of phenolic antioxidants that has been naturally extracted and activated to be compatible with the human body. This extraction and activation process significantly increases the absorption rate in the body.

At its core, Activated Phenolics work to help fix, manage and increase the efficiency of our cellular functions. Since our body is made up of cells, by helping to make sure the cells are healthy and functioning well, we could help to address a number of health conditions. Many people refer to Activated Phenolics as ultra antioxidants – because they are the most potent antioxidants in the world – 12 times stronger than any other antioxidant.

Question: Can you tell us about why you felt it was necessary to create Activated Phenolics?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: I was taught from a very young age that it is important to always grow in life and help make a difference and having been a scientist and researcher my whole professional life, I see it as my duty to use what I know to help make this world a better place.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do just that and I enjoy hearing from people how Activated Phenolics has changed and improved their lives.

I believe that science should not just live on paper or collect dust in the library – it must be put to action improving people's lives. And my breakthrough and Activated Phenolics have arrived just at the right time when we really need this extra protection from free radicals and oxidative stress.

Question: What are the benefits of ultra-antioxidants such as Activated Phenolics?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: Activated Phenolics help with general well-being, energy levels, the immune system, inflammations and digestive health.

Phenolic antioxidants have been linked by numerous studies to have positive effects towards the prevention, inhibition as well as recovery from degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, allergy and even cancers.

People who take Activated Phenolics have reported that they have better energy levels, less stress, are more alert, experience less pain, better mobility, improved skin tone and a stronger immune system. They are also very happy because the benefits go beyond addressing the specific health problems that they originally took Activated Phenolics for.

Question: Are these ultra-antioxidants, natural supplements?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: It is 100% natural. Not only is it sourced naturally, the entire extraction and activation process involves only apples and water, with no chemical solvents at any stage. This is what sets Activated Phenolics apart from others.

Question: How does high consumption of antioxidants fight degenerative diseases such as cancer and pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: Free radicals are unstable molecules, that are missing an electron. Free radicals come from air pollution, foods, smoking, alcohol and are a bi-product of the body's systems. Free radicals attack cells to steal electrons. Cells are under attack all the time. -Free radical' molecules pollute the body and attack cells, breaking the cell's DNA and may cause it to mutate.

Cells which are badly damaged, inflamed and mutated cause body pain along with serious conditions like cancers, pulmonary diseases and heart disease.

The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Everything in the human body (hair, skin, organs, brain) is made from many different cells. Healthy cells mean a healthy body. Antioxidants help to protect cells from this damage and mutation.

The strongest, safest and best antioxidants for the body are phenolic antioxidants because they destroy the largest number and greatest range of free-radicals. Activated Phenolics is the natural activated version of phenolic antioxidants. They are easy to take and can be consumed daily either in powder or tablet form.

Question: Is there such thing as too many antioxidants?

Dr Vincent Candrawinata: Yes, too many antioxidants that can't be absorbed and utilised by the body will turn into prooxidant which instead of stopping oxidation, will promote oxidation.

And if the antioxidant supplements are not compatible with the human body, they will actually try to override and interfere with our body's indigenous antioxidant system.

That is why it is extremely important to choose an antioxidant supplement that is natural, activated, absorbable and compatible with our body. Activated Phenolics is designed to work in synergy with our body to achieve optimal results.

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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