Emporio Armani Menswear Fall Winter 2019/20 Fashion

The energy of the animal world and the wide-open spaces of natural scenarios free up the horizon of the concrete kungle, the natural ambiance of the Emporio Armani man.

This collection is designed for this hybrid habitat, with its pragmatic and sporty imprint – yet it is urban at its core.

Narrow-shouldered jackets, coats with strong volume, fluid trousers with a cuff at the hem shape a physical, svelte silhouette. The sensuous textures and the colours are the distinguishing features, creating a signature made up of cool colours, as well as wild patterns inspired by the coats of albino animals.

Carding, lasering, screen-printing and other artisanal techniques produce animal motifs on clothes and accessories: python-effects on trousers and jackets, crocodile scales on blousons, feline stripes and zebra patterns on evening blazers and pullovers.

"Fur" coats and blousons featuring long pile and linings of overcoats in lamb-effect wool are all strictly eco.

The palette is an iced mixture of optical white and cool white, with notes of grey with a frosted patina and blue, red and black accents in the checks and prince of wales patterns.

The look is rounded off with technical-looking shoes, roomy "fur" backpacks, flat duffel bags with zebra stripes and body pieces such as belt bags and vests.


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