From Basic to Bold: Transform Your Outfit with These Stylish Accessories

From Basic to Bold: Transform Your Outfit with These Stylish Accessories

As everyone who considers themselves a fashion influencer will tell you, an outfit is simply not complete without a supporting accessory or two.

Accessories are a god send as they can instantly transform even the drabbest of outfits from basic to bold through the simple act of wearing them.

But if you are not familiar with their power and currently find yourself well adrift from the latest trends, how do you know which accessories to choose?

Well, fear not, fashion-challenged friends, we are here to put you right back on track.

Here are seven go-to accessories you can use to vamp up anything you decide to dress yourself in, especially when it comes to complementing these styles that stand the test of time!


1. Sunglasses

Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Cary Grant in North by Northwest, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise are just some of the many iconic movie characters whose legacy has been defined, in part, by the sunglasses they wore.

For this reason, if you want to channel your inner A-Lister, a cool pair of shades is an excellent way to transform any outfit.

Whether you choose an aviator, cat-eyes, round specs, or classic rectangle shape is up to you. However, it's worth checking out Oroton glasses at 1001 Optometry to find a pair that is not only stylish but will also offer the excellent protection from the sun you need.


2. Jewellery

One of the easiest ways to take your outfit from basic to bold is to put on some jewellery.

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a dress, shorts and a T-shirt, a skirt and a blouse or trousers and a shirt; putting on a bit of bling will take what you are wearing to the next level.

The likes of earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, bangles, bracelets or rings can all make a different to your ensemble. However, it is a good idea to divide your collection of them into everyday wear and pieces you break out for special occasions. Silver or gold with pearls, diamonds or sapphires are great choices for the latter.

3. Tote Bag 

We are increasingly living much busier lives, so at any given time, we have a lot to carry around with us. This includes our devices, gym clothes, books, headphones, and even our lunch.

For this reason, it's worth having something stylish and practical at your disposal to help you do so. Enter the humble tote bag.

The great thing about tote bags is they come in various sizes and shapes to serve your needs most appropriately.

They also provide an excellent way to introduce a nice bit of definition to your ensemble through bright colours and eye-catching patterns. So, don't be afraid to pick one that compliments your unique personality.


4. Hat

Whether it's a beanie to keep us warm, a fedora to look cool, a baseball cap to hide our messy hair or a wide-brimmed beach hat to protect us from the sun, we all need to wear a hat from time to time. 

Like sunglasses, hats are an important accessory with a dual purpose - to do what they are intended to do and to look stylish.

It is a good idea to build a collection of hats for different purposes. Just try to pick something which is good quality and with a timeless appeal.


5. Belt

According to historians, people have been wearing belts since the Bronze Age. Whilst their form has changed a lot from the cords and strings that were adopted back then to secure clothing, belts have stood the test of time as a fashion accessory.

Today, belts come in a host of shapes, including the buckle, bow, knotted, dress and skinny styles. Not only can they significantly enhance your silhouette, but they can also introduce colour to your outfit.

Black, white and brown are standard choices, but wearing one with a lovely shade of dark blue or red can significantly enhance your overall look.


6. Watch

Because of our phones and Fit Bits, we might not wear watches as regularly as we once did. But when dressing up for a formal occasion, they can still significantly enhance your outfit.

A timepiece made with gold or silver can add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. It also still remains a significant status symbol - especially if you rock a brand of Jaeger-leCoultre, Gucci, or Cartier.

When picking a watch to wear for a special occasion, choose a size that matches the colour of your outfit and the tone of your skin. You should also make sure your watch is not too big to appear gaudy or too small to not get noticed.

7. Mobile Phone Cover/Case

These days, most people take their phones everywhere with them and regularly use them when they are out and about. As a result, mobile phone cases and covers are becoming as important an accessory as everything else on this list.

The great thing about mobile phone cases and covers is that they are a fabulous way to showcase your personality to the world. Therefore, you should not be afraid to be bold or quirky in your choices as they can really become a centrepiece for your look.


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