Bridgerton Bloomers

Bridgerton Bloomers


It's not just you - here's how to style, wear and rock bloomers this season.

The ton are abuzz with season two of Netflix's hit period drama Bridgerton, and it's not just
because of the scandalous revelations. The real talk of the town? Bloomers. While they were
worn in the 19th century underneath dresses, they've evolved, quickly becoming the diamond of
the season.

Setting themselves apart from the long shorts and boxers that are circulating elsewhere,
bloomer shorts are now gracing the feeds of Australia's it-girls including Jacquie Alexander.
Found in soft cotton, chiffon, or silk, these lingerie-inspired shorts boast frilly hems, billowing cuts
and intricate lace details. Though the bloomers trend feels fresh this season, it taps into the
playful underwear-as-outwear and micro-everything aesthetic that has been dominating the
fashion scene in recent years.

Designers of 2024 are embracing the bloomers with a modern twist. Learning into the capsule
wardrobe fixation, there's a refined approach with neutral shades styled for everyday wear.
Even fashion icon Miuccia Prada has embraced the trend, famously remarking, "If I were
younger, I would go out in panties," following the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 show where Mia
Goth wowed in bedazzled briefs.

Meanwhile, Simon Porte Jacquemus showcased vibrant orange bloomers, or pumpkin pants, at
his latest runway show, Le Chouchou, staged at the opulent Chateay de Versailles.

The skyrocketing popularity of regency-era fashion owes much to the sartorial influence of
Bridgerton, where undergarments of this nature are rife on screen. It's no coincidence that we're
starting to see the emergency of 19th century underwear come back to the fore either.

Teagan Jacobs, founder of Australian label Teagan Jacobs, tells us that the feminity of the
bloomer is exactly where the appeal lies. Her latest collection, 'Fluid', is a daydreamer-inspired
capsule built around the design.

Her Wisteria Bloomer nods to both the past and present, featuring delicate hip and leg bows,
ruffles across the hips and waist as well as flexible sizing to adjust for legs, waist and hips.
"Paired with the Clam Crop and Catastrophic Bow is my favourite way to style this piece,"
Teagan adds.

From the United States to Singapore, and all across Europe and Australia, Teagan's Wisteria
Bloomer sold out entirely after the second season of Bridgerton dropped.

And at this point, is it really surprising? Given the uproar of Bridgerton's latest love affair,
combined with the innerwear-as-outwear trend, it's little wonder everyone is on the hunt for the
perfect bloomer.

Our pick? Teagan Jacobs newest colourway of her sold-out bloomer available Wednesday the
3rd of July 9am AWST.


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