Fight for Mental Health

Fight for Mental Health

Brandon Mangion (and one half of the DJ duo: Teddy Cream) is a widely renowned international touring DJ, Record Producer, Club Owner, aspiring Life Coach and Public Speaker, from Melbourne, Australia. 


Brandon has quite impressively achieved a lot, at the young age of 24.  He has travelled across the globe and has performed to hundreds of thousands of fans, all by the time he was 18 years old.  As part of: 'Teddy Cream,' the duo toured to countries such as: England, Ireland, South Africa, Germany & Spain to name a few.  Teddy Cream's music has also received lots of love and support, being featured across Australian TV & Radio shows such as: Sunrise, The Today Show, The Project, Herald Sun, Nova FM, KIIS FM, The HIT Network & more. 


Brandon found a love for the nightlife industry at a young age, however in September 2019, he branched out and started his own club night in the heart of Melbourne at: 'Mango Club.' The venue has gone on to become one of the leading and most successful Friday night party destinations in the city. 


Sadly however, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Brandon.  He has been very open and vocal across his social media platforms, explaining to his fans, how he suffered 6 long years of alcohol & substance abuse whilst touring.  The relentless touring schedule, took a destructive toll on his physical and mental health over the years.  It took some time, however, Brandon is happy and healthy and currently over 2 months sober.  He is thankfully now, in a great headspace and wishes to share his story about the demons he has faced, as well as hoping to inspire others to speak up and ask for help, if they are struggling. 


Brandon has also joined the 'Team Ellis' gym, where he will be training and boxing to keep fit and healthy.  Team Ellis is run by Lester Ellis, the former five-time world Boxing champion.  Lester has also been quite open about his struggles in the past with alcohol abuse.  Brandon is now being mentored by the supportive team at 'Team Ellis' and is surrounding himself with those who will champion him and make sure he stays on track.  This includes training with Michael Zerafa - the #1 Middleweight in Australia and #7 in the world, who is rumoured to have an upcoming fight with Anthony Mundine later this year. 


Brandon is embarking on a 'Fight for Mental Health,' an incredibly challenging but achievable personal goal.  Too many men are dying at the hands of suicide, feeling like they don't have a voice and are sadly suffering in silence.  Brandon is looking ahead and hoping to reach 1 year sober, as well as raising funds for mental health & suicide prevention awareness charity: Mindfull Aus. 'Mindfull Aus' was founded on the premise of taking a youthful, relatable and enthusiastic approach, to talking about our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  By helping people with high risk areas of poor mental health, acquiring the skills and understanding to identify, control and express their emotions, so they get back to living a healthier, happier and fulfilling life. 


Brandon has turned his life around and wants to use his incredible platform to be of service to others.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Brandon has started studying Life Coaching at Sharon Pearson's coaching school: 'The Coaching Institute.'  Brandon hopes to help & empower as many people as possible.  Brandon also hopes to launch a podcast & write a book, sharing his personal battles and the positive steps he is taking to stay on track.  


Brandon's mission is clear, to share his story to inspire others, heal the world with love and kindness and to spread the important message that it's ok to reach out and ask for help.  Brandon was deeply moved by 'Mindfull Aus' & their cause and will be looking to help fundraise for the wonderful work they do – see here for more information and to donate. 



About Mindfull Aus:

Mindfull Aus - Changing the way mental illness, wellbeing and suicide is perceived and treated in our communities, but also for your generosity and support of Mindfull Aus which has allowed us to continue our mission to eradicate stigma and reduce suicide statistics in high risk areas.  With the increasing risks, alarming rise in statistics and lack of lived experience education, Mindfull Aus was founded in early 2016 as an Australian Non-Profit Mental Health & Wellbeing foundation with Australian Charities & Commission Board.

Mindfull Aus purpose is to encourage those to come out the surrounding shadows of stigma via self-acceptance and a greater education. Equipping individuals and communities with the tools, techniques, strategies to nurture our systems in a natural way, ensuring that they can get back on the road to wellness and living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life like we all deserve. We operate as an organisation through three core areas and values that we see evidence to support that enables us to encourage vulnerability, birthing strength and courage in our communities.

Mind health challenges, disorders and diagnosis contribute to one of the top causes of disability within Australia, with 3128 lives lost to suicide in 2017 and an estimated 65,000+ attempts at suicide a year reported. Suicide and mental illness is the biggest killer in Australia of people ages 15-44.
At Mindfull Aus, we work tirelessly to reduce these statistics and build stronger, more resilient families and individuals by conducting numerous amounts of innovative, relatable and realistic campaigns, events, speaking engagements, workshops, fundraisers and helping train and mentor our future community leaders.

With all of this in mind, Mindfull Aus is looking to further its reach and efficiency within our high-risk areas, such as our rural communities, construction industry, farming industry, sporting clubs and early intervention learning by spreading our evidence based approach to wellness, our accreditation trainings and resources as far and wide as possible.

- Matt Runnalls (CEO & Founder Mindfull Aus)