Tackling Tween Self-Doubt in COVID

Tackling Tween Self-Doubt in COVID

Stopping the Confidence Freefall; The Australian Entrepreneurs Tackling Tween Self-Doubt in COVID

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A girls' confidence drops on average by 30% between the ages of 8 and 14*. Australian entrepreneurs (and sisters) Briana Cicchelli and Annika Launay are on a mission to change that with their newly launched platform – Franc.world.

"Having spent the last decade running our own business, we had often discussed this sharp decline and how often, this confidence gap fails to close in adulthood," says Briana. "We'd work with incredibly gifted, talented women who were so often crippled by self-doubt."
"Now that we're both mothers of girls, we also always talked about launching a project to educate and empower the next generation," adds Annika. "With the onset of Covid, home schooling, the sharp rise in social isolation and the parallel decline in mental health we decided now was the time."

Franc.World is a newly-launched platform, designed to provide an interactive, inspirational and positive destination for every Australian girl aged 9-14.

"We celebrate achievements, encourage every girl, and help showcase education, learning and future career paths," says Annika.
Although only recently launched, the concept is receiving extensive support from industry, with platform partners include QBD Books, All Kinds and charity partner, Share The Dignity.

Not only does the platform offer initiatives designed to celebrate and support literacy, STEM, entrepreneurship and the arts, but it also will soon launch a podcast interviewing amazing Australian women and a video series, Franc's Cool Jobs (seriously, a nun and a construction worker, check out the video https://vimeo.com/557017379 ).

The platforms chief inspiration is Franc (Francesca) Briana's 10-year-old daughter who is the presenter on Franc's Cool Jobs and will co-present the soon-to-be-launched podcast.

"With three daughters between us (including Francesca!), we know firsthand the difference education can make in a girls' life," says Annika. "To us it's so important that we support all girls and as many knowledge streams as possible. Education and empowerment really is the key."

The first Franc.World award will open later this year, giving every Australian tween girl the chance to showcase her amazing talents, whether it be in art, literacy, STEM or entrepreneurship – the latter of which, Francesca is fully embracing.