Frozen Pineapples

Frozen Pineapples

The Australian grown, and owned business Aussie Frozen Fruit have now launched their fifth product to the range – 400g packs of 100% Australian grown, frozen Pineapple pieces.

Aussie Frozen Fruit's new frozen Pineapples are picked at maturity to lock in ripeness and flavour, washed, peeled, cut, then snap frozen and sealed into packs. This process allows Australian consumers to enjoy Australian pineapples all year round.

Aussie Frozen Fruit is stocked exclusively in Woolworths stores around Australia with 400g packs of frozen Australian Blueberries, Mixed Berries, Mangoes, Strawberries and now the latest addition - Pineapples.

"We have been working closely with Pineapple growers from Central and Northern Queensland and are thrilled to now provide our customers with Australian grown Frozen Pineapple," said CEO Brett Jackson.

"Our Pineapples are the market leading variety, only misshapen or too ripe for the fresh market which is perfect for us as we snap freeze the ripe fruit, retaining the perfect flavour.

The sweet, delicious, tropical flavour of our Pineapples are perfect in smoothies, sorbets, cocktails and desserts. And they are especially delicious on a Hawaiian pizza. There really are so many great uses for Aussie Frozen Pineapple and we believe this will fast become a favourite with our customers," said CEO Brett Jackson.

Customers can utilise a range of quality Pineapple inspired recipes created by our in-house dietitian and nutritionist featuring a Sunshine Pineapple Smoothie, Pina Colada Icy Poles and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Aussie Frozen Fruit 400g frozen Pineapple pieces are now available in Woolworths stores nationally.