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Born between: Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd

Convincing and charming are the best characteristics of someone born under the Libra star sign. When they overcome shyness those with the Libra sign are great debaters who will always share credit for their wins.

Jealousy could be a problem if you want absolute commitment. Not being in control of the situation may make you feel insecure, especially if you are socializing with the Great and Good. Be aware of your needs but do not overreact; there's no point in magnifying a tiny matter out of all proportion. Talk to close partners, both at home and at work, so you can get certain things straight as simply and quickly as possible. Things pick up later. Appropriate colors are gold and bronze. Lucky numbers are 38 and 3.
Focus on your working situation to get more recognition and admiration for your talents. Put your energy into doing things in a different way, then you'll get out of the rut. But make sure that other people are being well looked after. You can be kind because you have a sense of empathy for those who are suffering or needy. Communication with your love, or with a partner can be difficult today. Stay out of other people's power plays. Fortunate colors are striped agate and honey. Lucky numbers are 70 and 57.
It's important to channel your energy into something more exciting, for this is not the time to do anything that requires attention to detail. You're likely to be careless because you're restless. Routines will bore you and anything that's the way it has always been will make you droop. A more experimental approach is needed. This is not a time for team efforts, or forcing yourself to be co-operative. Empowering colors are heather and champagne. Lucky numbers are 14 and 23.
Feeling a little bit restless? The Gemini Moon urges you to look for new things in life. Get off the beaten track, out of routines, off to find more excitement. Everyday encounters are carrying a much more significant tone for you at the moment, bringing intense conversations, in-depth discussions, sometimes rather startling insights. Lively colors are mauve and chrome. Lucky numbers are 20 and 41.
All of us want easier lives. We assume that everyone else has less problems. If you do feel that your life is trickier than other people's just now, it's because they are hiding it better. Accept the cosmic pressures as a way of holding you back in order to focus. You will find the answers you seek. Stick to the straight and narrow, knowing that attention to detail and determination will pay off. Auspicious colors are golden topaz and crimson. Lucky numbers are 3 and 17.
Learn to pull strings a little more subtly, dear Libra. You will achieve little by direct action or confrontation. Indeed the harder you push the less you may succeed, so it might be as well to develop patience. Others can be made to dance to your tune if you cannot dance it yourself. Concentrate on finding out why your anger is so trapped and on finding why certain of your actions are self-defeating. Fortunate colors are creamy ivory and chrome yellow. Lucky numbers are 23 and 25.
Open up to other people a bit more, for you will gain from creative discussions. The truth is what matters at the end of the day, not who's saying it. Maybe you are right, but you could also be a bit ahead of yourself, or not waiting for the right time to speak. You will be proved correct eventually, but just yet there is no sense in forcing companions to take on board what is too strange. Persuasive colors are maple syrup and buttercup. Lucky numbers are 29 and 45.
New arrangements are needed with close partners over joint finances, or over your emotional life. Make the effort, it will put everything on a more solid footing. You need to be free to operate in your own highly individual style and your own inventive ideas will be best. Take the opportunity to seek new remedies in order to keep fit, or to resolve old ailments. Be experimental but not too cranky. Healing colors are russet and green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 44.
You work well today with the public or your wider circle of friends, since you are sensitive to the subtle messages that come across. Avoid leaping too emotionally into a situation, only to find that you don't really want to see it through to the end. You sometimes have a tendency to lose courage about things and your energy will be rather fragile just now. Seek out support from partners and friends, and avoid open conflict. Subtle colors are burnt umber and topaz. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
It's the perfect time to get together with a partner, so that you feel secure in whatever you are doing, whether at play or at work. You may have to be less self-sufficient and more adaptable to get them on your wavelength. It's a New Moon at the Equinox, so be ready to give before you get, it will be worth it. Being challenged and tested makes you come alive... wouldn't you rather travel far than be stuck in routine? Auspicious colors are chrome and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 3 and 61.
The Equinox is the time of year when day and night are balanced, when the Sun lights up your opposite sign. It marks the start of the new astrological year, when partnership issues come to the fore for you. Your influence over others and your ability to elicit cooperation is central. Do they see you as strong, independent and forceful? Do you dominate your partner, or is it the other way round? You become more assertive in legal matters, contracts and negotiations, but undue antagonism will not help to resolve conflict. Read more on the Equinox! Positive colors are bright yellow and brilliant blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
If you make the effort to be more sensitive to the needs of others, you will be better able to help. Just remember to stand firm for your rights as the Sun enters your seventh house. A one-to-one partnership is more suitable than working on your own or with a team. So go seek. Anything which feels too clashing, difficult or harassing will not suit. Trust your instincts. Fortunate colors are toffee and apricot. Lucky numbers are 7 and 8.
Stand your ground, Libra. Insist on getting your own way. Nobody will take advantage of you or intrude on your territory, but resist any urge to flare up over tiny obstacles or delays. Use your creative power and you'll shine! Romance is in the frame for some. Soothing colors are burnt umber and striped agate. Lucky numbers are 34 and 17.
You are tempted to eat and drink more than usual, as your willpower is low at the moment. You feel more intense with regard to social contacts as well as romance or sexual encounters, especially from the standpoint of the psychological motivations and behavior patterns involved. This can be a productive moment to participate in group therapy. Positive colors are yellow and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 13 and 23.
Treat your body as a machine that needs the right treatment -- good fuel and maintenance stops along the way. You need to be fit to deal with the chores that are piling up in front of you. You won't take your love life lightly, but if you try to be in control all the time, you'll just end up in arguments. Fortunate colors are madder lake and tourmaline. Lucky numbers are 23 and 20.
Trivial amusements are hardly uppermost in your mind now, which is just as well. If you try to be too cheerful, you'll end up thwarted, but if you make the effort to be serious, you'll make the best of the influences. Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign makes you dither, trying to make up your mind. You need to see both sides. Ideal colors are amethyst and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 16 and 47.
Avoid boring types and those who get on your nerves, Libra. Go for interesting conversations with people who are on your wavelength. Even if you are on your own for a little while, it won't hurt because the Moon is hinting to cool down, calm down and get away from the hassle and aggravation. Don't be overwhelmed by the cares of the outside world. Prosperous colors are periwinkle and ginger. Lucky numbers are 39 and 52.
If you are over-emotional about certain things, perhaps you are too close to what you're talking about. Your heart is certainly in the right place, but your brain may be in the wrong gear. Slow down and pause for thought. You are likely to over-indulge and expand, but you will still find time to mull over old memories. Positive colors are tangerine and sable. Lucky numbers are 27 and 48.
Flaws and inadequacies in one relationship are beginning to show up. Are you taking too bleak a view of one situation or person? Lighten up a little. If you say too much when you are feeling critical, it will be more difficult to get back onto an even keel in the days ahead. Try acting the diplomat, it's your starring role, Libra! Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and desire to keep the peace will do wonders for your popularity. Advantageous colors are deep ivy and pastel shades. Lucky numbers are 21 and 42.
Your closest relationships come under scrutiny as the Winged Messenger starts the backstairs tango in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships today. Listen carefully to what your spouse or partner is saying during the next three weeks -- and perhaps even more carefully to what he or she is not saying! Read more on Mercury retrograde! Fortunate colors are steely grey and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 7 and 8.
Money and security are on your mind, so it's well worth pushing yourself into doing boring things like tedious paperwork. Once you have that organized, not only will you feel better, you'll be able to spend with a clear conscience! You will be oh so charming as long as everything goes your way, otherwise your stubborn side may show through. But don't dig your heels in too hard. Charming colors are barley bread and sienna. Lucky numbers are 17 and 75.
Today's aspects are not good for possessive relationships or relationships where you want to keep everything absolutely still and stable. Rid yourself of restrictions and give yourself a bit of room to breathe. Open the window, let a blast of fresh air blow through... you are exploring different ways of keeping fit, new diets and ways of sorting out minor ailments. Advantageous colors are slate and lavender. Lucky numbers are 9 and 44.
With the gorgeous Moon glowing in Libra, you're full of the courage and confidence to say the things you want to say. Sort the situation out in a sensible way now and take constructive steps to find out what you need to know. Long-term answers will come to you if you persist. Appropriate colors are yellow and silver. Lucky numbers are 45 and 26.
What's worrying you? Come on, you know that something is, and you aren't going to feel better until you've taken some concrete action under this Full Moon. The more you dither or push it to the back of your mind, the more it will haunt you and drain your energy. So take a deep breath, stare it straight in the face and do whatever will alleviate the problem and make life easier for you. Fortunate colors are bright white and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Are you pulled between conflicting wants and oughts? Your sense of duty says work and service to others comes first, but you also have your own needs to consider. There are times when you are happy to give to others, but there are also times when you feel deprived because no one is reciprocating. Feeling resentful only makes you feel worse. Give yourself a little treat to boost your spirits, and it will all work much better. Expressive colors are caramel and peridot. Lucky numbers are 27 and 24.
It's love 'em or loathe 'em, Libra - there's not much in between. Today's aspects to Venus urge you to live your life at a profound level, so you are not attracted to anything too superficial. An attitude towards your family and close partners may unsettle the normally co-operative atmosphere, so try to fly solo when you can. If you are restless, find a creative outlet for your original ideas. Fortunate colors are bright neon and old rope. Lucky numbers are 10 and 62.
Keep your scheme within realistic bounds today. If you limit your plans and hopes, you could do well. As Venus heads into Taurus, joint income and social status by marriage or business partnership take the focus this month. It's more intense with regard to social contacts as well as romance or sexual encounters, especially via the psychological motivations and behavior patterns involved. If there are no obvious impediments, this is a good time to ask for loans or favors, or to collect those you are owed. Advantageous colors are shell pink and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 31 and 62.
With Venus your life-ruler still in dynamic Aries, your seventh house, you will not be short of admirers, social invitations or compliments. So make the most of the good times, and have fun. It will boost your morale, self-esteem and status. As the Moon cruises through your house of friends and future plans you are in a zany, stimulating mood. A friend or associate may wish to become something more under these aspects! Alluring colors are pistachio and madder lake. Lucky numbers are 42 and 5.
With your hands on the reins of control, you need to force yourself to share more. In your personal life, your need to be in charge could lead to disagreements, though confrontations won't be brought out into the open. You may not always be good at seeing other people's shortcomings, but erring on the side of forgiveness, you can take on other people's problems and be leant on too much. Dynamic colors are jasper and rhodium. Lucky numbers are 25 and 53.
If you're not going to get enough attention at home, you have to go out into the world to get it. Don't let your emotions get in the way of reason, as opposing forces bruise your ego, via incompatible ideas and opinions. Why waste your efforts trying to get others to change their minds? If you are unable to find an agreeable or productive way to work with certain people, be content to work quietly on your own. Beneficial colors are pastel hues and blue periwinkle. Lucky numbers are 49 and 17.
The Moon cruises through Gemini and your solar ninth house, opening your eyes to the wider picture and giving you the urge to get away from boring routines. You want to get out into the wide open spaces with plenty of fresh air and stretch your legs. Communications may come from overseas or you could be dealing with foreigners, especially women. Talkative people come and go. Magnanimous colors are poppy red and white. Lucky number is 34.

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