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Born between: Nov 22nd - Dec 21st

Often bitten by the travel bug those born under the Sagittarius sign are independent and always have a optimistic stance on life. However they need to be patient to not expect miracles while chasing their next positive outcome.

If you are being critical rather than forgiving with loved ones, try to say what you want without sounding too sharp. Your detachment can have its useful side, since you can pick out what is worth saving and what is not. Be warned, though. If you push it too far, you will only cause problems. Everyone will notice you over the next few days. You'll put on quite a show of wit and will find a ready audience. Positive colors are pastel hues and american oak. Lucky numbers are 60 and 72.
Events make you think about the deeper mysteries of life, what life is actually all about and how you can transform it. Stand steady for a while, in order to understand what is going on and how you can make sense of it. Then you can canter back to normality again. You will be more conventional than usual, but don't be too fussy about everything being done to the letter of the law. Fortunate colors are terra cotta and indigo. Lucky numbers are 39 and 15.
Things don't run as fast as they should. How frustrating! Not only are you impatient today, you also have to desire to compromise. Thank heavens you don't have to be adaptable all the time. It's a little insecure as you sense that what you have hung onto for security in the past is now disappearing. Changes may cause you to question many of your old beliefs. But this is not necessarily bad. Beneficial colors are bloodstone and green tartan. Lucky numbers are 66 and 14.
If you leap into situations without having thought them through, then things won't work well. Try and settle down to some restraints, but make changes as steadily as you can. Through the cosmic pressures and tensions you are coming to grow as a human being in ways you could not have imagined. Positive colors are amethyst and jade. Lucky numbers are 7 and 14.
What is happening may seem negative, but it need not necessarily be bad. Archers just have to get into hard-working gear. Sadly, you can't leave all the chores to someone else. It's hard at the moment to get close in intimate situations, since you are holding part of yourself in reserve and can feel rather mistrustful. You are wary of changing, yet clearly you need to try. Fortunate colors are scarlet and sepia. Lucky numbers are 46 and 73.
It's a good time to achieve your ambitions at work and out in the world. No one will accuse you of lacking courage or being too timid as you push rivals out of the way. Make your mark. Bosses may find you a little threatening, as you obviously intend to take over the decision- making role, so charging on in a headstrong way could run you into problems. Ambitious colors are cobalt blue and light tan. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8.
Examine everything in microscopic detail, but make no judgements before you have all the information at your fingertips. You have insight into your own psychology and into the motivations of those around you. Try not to look at everyone as if they were separate from you, since you may come across as rather controlling. Tread gently explaining what you know, as you'll arouse hostility if you tell the brutal truth. Appropriate colors are blush and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 9 and 7.
Don't let other people demand too much of you. If you are giving out a great deal, then it would obviously be a bright idea to look after your body. See what you need to do to give it a bit of a boost. Freedom is what you really want, away from old restrictive situations and ties. Your emotional life may be in a state of upheaval, for you are abandoning much that has been inhibiting you in the past. Courageous colors are carnelian and jasper. Lucky numbers are 62 and 19.
Your emotions are more fickle than usual, Archers. If you are feeling impressionable, even dependent or sentimental, try not to be too possessive. If you do feel like clinging on to your loved ones, that would not turn out to be a wise course of action. Have your entertainment and enjoyment but resist the urge to pin people down. Otherwise you could find that they want to head elsewhere. Favorable colors are heather and golden wattle. Lucky numbers are 56 and 44.
This year's Equinox sees a New Moon in romantic Aries, so you can allow a new facet of your personality to shine without apology or self- consciousness. Most of us hide away parts of ourselves we think others might not like or approve. Throw away your inhibitions and just express who you are and what you feel. It's a creative phase. The right people will respond very positively. Auspicious colors are royal blue and bright red. Lucky numbers are 5 and 36.
The Equinox is a glorious time for the Archer, as the Sun bursts into Aries, the Ram. This awakens your fifth house of romance, children and creative speculation, so pleasure and fulfilment comes your way in the weeks ahead. Responsibilities are so tedious but your enjoyment factor is boosted. Children seem more like extensions of yourself than individuals in their own right. Romantic encounters are easily found, but tend to lack emotional commitment. Read more on the Equinox! Fortunate colors are cobalt blue and fire opal. Lucky numbers are 4 and 5.
In love with life, Sagittarius? Of course, when the Sun strikes fire in Aries, the mighty sign of the Ram! In some ways you feel like a child at heart - spontaneous, colorful and unselfconscious. You might be wearing your heart on your sleeve, very upfront about what (or who) you fancy. Is this a day to pen a love letter, or even read poetry? Forget the accounts, or the other unpleasant sides of reality. Fortunate colors are jasmine and lime. Lucky numbers are 16 and 23.
Get cracking and don't let yourself be distracted. High energy influences give you that extra zest which will make it all happen. Whatever has been stuck can now be shifted! Every detail does not need to be in the right place, so ease up and accept imperfections, both your own and others. You can achieve a good deal of fine quality work, so take pride in a job well done. Determined colors are electric blue and ginger. Lucky numbers are 36 and 19.
Gosh! You spend it as fast as you make it, don't you! But ain't that fun..? Your reputation is important to you and you want to be respected and admired, though you might need to keep a little humility handy now and then. Everyone can see that you are straightforward and trustworthy in your intentions, but a little caution will bring even more success your way. Favorable colors are scarlet and hyacinth. Lucky numbers are 11 and 64.
You have a chance to work out how to improve your surroundings. We all want a beautiful home with an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Put some energy into health, diet and boosting your stamina. Throw yourself energetically into getting organized, and getting things right. Fortunate colors are fire engine red and golden hessonite. Lucky numbers are 5 and 33.
Don't run yourself or your talents down, Archers. Try to be fair-minded, both about your own achievements and those of others. Remember that you've got a sense of humor as well as a sense of what's wrong with life. Friends will listen respectfully to what you have to say, but you need to prepare the ground in advance by softening them up. Hmmm. You'll succeed remarkably well. Appropriate colors are charcoal and warm red. Lucky numbers are 36 and 45.
Sort out your priorities and decide what really is of value to you. With the Moon in your house of finance, you might be tempted to think that money is the only thing that matters. But there are other things, which hold every bit as much interest for you, and can lift your spirits when you are feeling low. There is plenty of fun and laughter to be had, so tune in and enjoy a great time. Amusing colors are lemon and claret. Lucky numbers are 64 and 16.
Reassuring companions give a little more help and support than usual and are an anchor for you. Avoid overreacting, as Mars aspecting dark Pluto has a habit of magnifying small situations and turning them into dramas. If you are too secretive, or let loved ones feel shut out, they will not respond well. Beneficial colors are cinnabar and peppermint. Lucky numbers are 48 and 33.
As the Moon swaggers into Sagittarius, your personal magnetism gets a boost. It may not be obvious, but you will soon be aware that you have made strides. Positive changes will emerge in your immediate environment. You can give yourself a quiet pat on the back, because it will be largely due to your efforts. Fortunate colors are celadon and purple sage. Lucky numbers are 48 and 30.
Mercury dances the backstairs tango in your fifth house of romance over the next three weeks, urging you to pay more attention to your children and to get in touch with your own inner child. If you are sending love notes, or meeting your lover, be sure to get the addresses, dates and times correct, as mistakes in these areas are just the sorts of embarrassments that can occur. While typically a time of frustration, it can also present opportunities to reflect and analyze current situations. Take a deep breath and use this to your advantage! Read more on Mercury retrograde! Fortunate colors are russet brown and rose red. Lucky numbers are 5 and 6.
If you're around others too much you'll end up being subjected to their demands, so you might as well give yourself permission to take some time out for reflection. In the quiet moments inspiration may suddenly hit you about things that seem to have no answer. Are you too detached about your feelings? If you can let go, you could find deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. Fortunate colors are chrysoprase and violet. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
Look for new experiences - anything that's original, experimental and a little bit inspired. Try something artistic too. You like rather intriguing decor at the moment, which can be very modern or slightly eccentric. It gives you a totally new perspective on what you want from your home and family life. Expressive colors are mulberry and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 38 and 6.
Find the right balance for your strong opinions and you'll brighten up the room. You have confidence in what you're doing and what you believe in, but don't push it too far and end up in disagreements. Everything is under the microscope today, so don't get suspicious or make judgments before you have all the information at your fingertips. Control the temptation to be over-forceful. Appropriate colors are emerald and ivory. Lucky numbers are 10 and 27.
How are your career plans and long-term goals coming along? If they've been sidelined recently then it's time to do something about it. On the other hand, if you're feeling totally bogged down by your current responsibilities or workload to the detriment of your home life, then you need to redress the balance and to do so as quickly as possible. Favorable colors are golden tan and yellow sapphire. Lucky numbers are 10 and 28.
You have been keeping out of sight in recent days, but now you have a yen for more attention and prominence at work and in your social activities. You will have to find a better balance between your head and your heart. Success in the outer world will not be fulfilling unless you have a settled emotional base. But equally you cannot find all your satisfaction in your intimate environment, so seek out a balanced solution. Ideal colors are alizarin purple and sassafras. Lucky numbers are 1 and 26.
Throw your emotional needs into work, Sag., but there's no need to be standoffish. Others think you are rather reserved, but they do not always realize quite how shy or even preoccupied you really are. Getting out of bed may be more difficult than usual, since you want to pamper yourself. Your lazy streak will be more obvious than usual, which if you are normally too active, will be no bad thing. Favorable colors are malachite and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 44 and 13.
You are full of bright ideas and determined to get your views across. Try to listen as well, if you can manage it, since with Venus in your sixth house, communication should be a two-way process. Put harmony into your working environment. An office romance, or social event with co-workers may be on your agenda. Beautifying the workplace is high on the list. A new diet and physical fitness program, or other enhancements such as beauty treatments, hairstyle, dental work, or cosmetic surgery are favored. Amusing colors are cinnamon and old gold. Lucky numbers are 4 and 76.
With Venus in your fifth house of romance, seek out what your heart desires. Heart-centered and rather flamboyant, you will cast your spell over everyone you meet. Stay true to your great enthusiasm and sparkling personality. Wide open spaces are a must, since you do not appreciate being fenced in. Beneficial colors are primrose and ultramarine. Lucky numbers are 34 and 6.
Your critical faculties are well-honed, which is valuable in checking accuracy, but can lead to strained relationships at work. You never feel anyone else does things as well as you, so there can be noisy arguments at times. Work relationship should nevertheless be prospering, partly because you realize it's important to adopt an easygoing manner. Good at inspiring enthusiasm in others, you are a great motivator, leading others to success. Fortunate colors are peridot and citrine. Lucky numbers are 7 and 68.
As Mercury enters Aries, a time of increased communication or travel with a romantic partner, children, or social groups is in the wind. A vacation is apt to include a guided tour, or feature some other type of educational experience. Plans, discussions, and even business transactions at this time may involve entertainment projects, social events, children's education or activities, or speculative ventures. Entertaining conversations are the flavor of the day. Excellent colors are pistachio and bone. Lucky numbers are 48 and 57.
The Moon tangos through Gemini and your solar seventh house, calling your attention to the needs of partners and close associates. Be communicative and cooperative: treat everything as a joint effort and make sure you discuss plans or ideas before you put them into action. Listen to the other side of every story. Your partner is likely to have information that you need to hear. Romantic colors are cornflower blue and daisy yellow. Lucky numbers are 9 and 22.

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