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Born between: Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

Scorpios are emotional and passionate which ensures they have strong relationships. They are often confident and determined; yet, their emotional and secretive nature can cause them to be jealous and misunderstood.

Stand up for yourself, Scorpio. Keep relationships around you smooth and harmonious, but remember, turning somersaults just to keep the peace is not always wise. Be firm but tactful if the need arises. Detail and specialized information is your forte now, as your mind is sharp. What about reorganizing your working life? Just don't get too critical of workmates, if you want to keep the peace. Advantageous colors are rock melon and cerise. Lucky numbers are 51 and 56.
If you can't travel literally, you can travel in your mind, Scorp. Get out the holiday brochures or read books with an exotic flavor. Do anything that takes your mind off the same old same old. Aim to stretch yourself in at least one activity during the day. Confidence and optimism is in the air where long term planning is concerned. So go for it, but double check that those schemes of yours are realistic. Ambitious colors are avocado and lemon. Lucky numbers are 4 and 34.
The planetary influences are generating a high-octane, disruptive mood. A few surprises and secrets will come out into the open. Why can't people be happy to pursue their own course of action without always involving you? Seek out friends and lovers who do not cling. You may test each other's patience, but you always come together again, revitalized after being apart. Beneficial colors are moonstone and silver. Lucky numbers are 40 and 68.
Watch your step, Scorpio. Are you impulsive? Planetary influences will send hotheads among you flying into situations you would have been better off staying away from. Stop and think more clearly. Prove just how resourceful you can be in earning more, re-organizing what you possess, and in negotiating skillfully. But, as always, you do have to watch a tendency to become too controlling around money. Beneficial colors are pistachio and earthy brown. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8.
If you feel you're not doing as well as you want, give yourself a shake. Be sensible and admit if something isn't working. Cut your losses, concentrate on your successes, change what you can, and accept what you can't change. A definite decision to face reality will boost your spirits. Favorable colors are mixed shades and pale violet. Lucky numbers are 8 and 36.
If you feel the urge to throw your energy into team activities at work, don't let the grass grow under your feet. Set some determined and definite goals for the future. You like to think of yourself as a good team player, but at the moment you find your patience is tested to the limit. Positive colors are deep purple and alizarin crimson. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
You need to rethink your approach, if your companions are ignoring you. Sometimes the harder you push, the more they resist. Gentle persuasion is best, so work out a way in the back door. Once you have learnt the secret of handling money lightly, you will do exceptionally well. Expect power struggles over cash if you want to be in control of resources and possessions. Ease off a bit. Advantageous colors are ebony and almond. Lucky numbers are 44 and 15.
Give a wide berth to boring types and whingers, Scorp. Hang out with those you trust in your life and who have helped you in the past. You may feel the urge to be way, way out and rave it up socially and romantically. Could this be why you feel so restless around conventional relationships, which are making you feel bored or trapped? Advantageous colors are warm brown and spring green. Lucky numbers are 28 and 58.
Put aside your own need for frivolity and indulgence and make sure everyone else is getting what they want. Being of service to others will give you reassurance and, rest assured, more support will be on offer for you very soon. Just polish your halo, and console yourself with the thought that you will get your reward in a couple of days. Responsible colors are dark grey and myrtle. Lucky numbers are 6 and 3.
It's the Equinox season, which isn't the most glamorous time of the year at work for you, Scorpio. Nevertheless, today's New Moon could just bring the right circumstances for you to reorganize some of your methods. If you can find the discipline, you'll clear up a good many tangles before they happen. The feeling is more intense for a few weeks, which can be awaken jealousy if you feel insecure. Even though you come across with more power than usual, there's no need to display your hand. Advantageous colors are hibiscus and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 8 and 11.
The Equinox marks the transit of the Sun into Aries, the fiery sign of the Ram. The start of a new astrological year, this is a good time to examine what does or does not motivate you to work. Do you take pride in workplace efficiency? Does whether you work for yourself, or for someone else, make a difference to your attitude? Your status with workmates and subordinates takes the focus. A sense of your own mortality may prompt a greater concern with your health, perhaps generating some enthusiasm for proper diet and physical fitness. Read more on the Equinox! Beneficial colors are crimson and gold. Lucky numbers are 5 and 6.
Scorpions are more than usually keen to get details in the right place today, as the Sun rolls into the sign of the Ram. Keen to be helpful, you'll see that making a determined push is the right approach. You're in the right place at the right time, saying the right thing to the right people. Auspicious colors are red coral and antique leather. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.
Face up to the challenge without throwing a tantrum or getting too hot under the collar. Everyone seems edgy, so don't end up saying things you later come to regret. It is important to compromise and not get too rattled over trivia. When you do decide it's time to take a stand you will be clear and cool. Control your anger with those who are acting unfairly and appear to be getting away with it. Beneficial colors are lavender and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 5 and 52.
The energizing effect of today's aspects can make you more aggressive toward others and lose patience when things become too hectic, or don't proceed as planned. You are concerned with just what is or is not making you happy. Go after what you want, or get rid of what you don't want. Profitable colors are honeysuckle and pink champagne. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
It's hard to settle down to routine chores or follow orders easily. Let your exuberant feelings out on display. Expect some heated encounters along the way since you tend to attract competitive or ambitious types. Even your nearest and dearest will seem rather outspoken at times, so you may have to broker the peace. Enjoyable colors are burgundy and brass. Lucky numbers are 13 and 71.
Don't look for what's wrong around you, Scorpio. Just seeing the flaws and the inadequacies rather than the benefits is a reaction to the influences. It may not be easy to open up to other people because you fear they may be critical rather than supportive, but try all the same. You need to get a more orderly atmosphere to work in, and have had it with incompetence, chaos, and too pressured a schedule. Take time to wind down. Beneficial colors are azurite and claret ash. Lucky numbers are 66 and 63.
Your helpful suggestions go down well now -- but don't step on other people's corns if you have to point out any flaws. Try a little charm and a few compliments before you wade in to criticize. The temptation is for words to spill out all over the place, so other people may get a bit avalanched. Once in a while you have to stand back and come to a few conclusions before you leap back into the fray. Fortunate colors are amber and barley bread. Lucky numbers are 12 and 20.
The adventurous Moon awakens your house of personal finances, so do not become too attached to the good things. This can make you a touch possessive, so you need to seem more laid-back than you feel. If you cannot quite make up your mind what you want, or what your commitments should be, it's only a passing blip, so step back briefly until you feel clear again. Advantageous colors are quicksilver and burnished copper. Lucky numbers are 10 and 36.
There are benefits in standing your ground. The evidence may not come through for a few days, but you will be glad you rose to the challenge and didn't lose your cool. It may not feel very good just now, but the better things in life always cost a little in terms of effort. Do not focus unduly on differences others regard as too trivial to bother about; you will spot what they overlook. Bold colors are parchment and bright red. Lucky numbers are 50 and 73.
The next three weeks may bring snafus at work and troubles with your health as Mercury turns retrograde in your sixth house. Double check everything and get second opinions as the Winged Messenger goes astray. This is not a good time to begin anything new, as misunderstandings and confusion reign. Pay attention to detail and make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted. Read more on Mercury retrograde! Beneficial colors are carmine and avocado. Lucky numbers are 6 and 11.
The Moon's in your sign and your heart is in the right place, so put your best diplomatic foot forward, dear Scorpio. Other people's comments can be so annoying, and sometimes you can get yourself worked up about things that aren't as important as you make them out to be. Give yourself some space to wind down and be more at peace. If you are trying to sell or recommend anything at the moment, charm is your greatest asset. Advantageous colors are butterscotch and red coral. Lucky numbers are 49 and 32.
Tensions in your emotional life may come out into the open. That is all to the good, because they will set you free in the long term, allowing you to go off and do the things you really need to do for yourself. Your presence out on the social scene is alternately sparkling and then serious. Calming colors are sea green and copper. Lucky numbers are 16 and 55.
Say the things you need to say, Scorp. Be clear about who you are, but also be clear that it's OK for other people to be who they are. Aim for a creative and constructive discussion. You may be absolutely right in what you are thinking or saying, but keep an open mind. Confident colors are cumquat and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 13 and 12.
Today's Full Moon highlights friendships, hopes and dreams, and any problems in these areas. For instance, you might realize that your relationship with a pal is languishing for lack of attention, making you want to make amends by spending more time with them. Or you may decide that a cherished plan needs a careful rethink. Beneficial colors are shell pink and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 5 and 27.
Although you prefer to find some fun and slip into something more comfortable, you may suffer niggling worries about sorting out long- term schemes. Find ways to satisfy both of these needs, since loved ones and buddies have been getting more of your attention and affection of late. Today casual acquaintances are more interesting. You may find yourself spread a little thin, but at least it won't be boring. Auspicious colors are lilac and chestnut. Lucky numbers are 62 and 37.
You're in top form, Scorp, charming the birds off the trees and exuding charm and magnetism. But don't forget it's not always best to say what you think will please other people, rather than what you really think or feel. Still, you are well intentioned. As usual, you keep your feelings to yourself, but there's a fortunate and creative vibe in the air, so make the most of it. Favorable colors are burnished gold and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 7 and 12.
You can win people over to your side if you sweep them up in your enthusiasm. Be straightforward and other people will adore you as Venus awakens your opposite sign. Partnerships are heavily emphasized. There is also the possibility of establishing new partnerships and joint ventures. Should negative circumstances exist in any of your alliances, this is a time of increased pressure to resolve disagreements. Effective colors are taupe and golden wheat. Lucky numbers are 55 and 75.
More reserved than usual, you seem uncharacteristically shy when it comes to expressing your romantic needs. More effort is needed to break the ice and reveal your inner warmth. Your working situation brings more recognition, appreciation and admiration. Put your energy into doing things in a new and different way. It's time to get of the rut. Effective colors are lemon and treacle. Lucky numbers are 16 and 72.
The Sun and Moon are in a glorious aspect for you Scorpions, so you'll be delightfully stimulated. Get out and meet new friends, from different backgrounds or even different countries. Because you are so relaxed in yourself you put companions at their ease. Together you'll be off to find excitement and adventure. You could work well as a go- between with others. Why not make travel plans - or at least dream over faraway places? Positive colors are spring green and cranberry. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.
Mercury the cosmic messenger enters your sixth house today, so focus on schedules and assignment of tasks and responsibilities related to your own work as well as to those who may work for or with you. Details, messages, and information are under the gun. Another potential concern may be gathering information about health and physical fitness or consultations with professionals in these areas. Adventurous colors are jade and moonstone. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
The Moon is in Gemini and your solar eighth house now, drawing attention to the inner workings of your psyche. If you've had tension with others recently, go over what's happened and try to see things from their point of view. If nothing else, this will give you new insight into yourself. If you feel the spending itch today, don't scratch it! Put the credit card away or suffer the consequences. Appropriate colors are ruby and silver. Lucky numbers are 29 and 31.

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