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Born between: February 20th - March 20th

Pisces can be very shy people who take time to adapt but once they do Piscean makes a valuable friend as they're helpful, unselfish and trustworthy; however they need to be careful to not be too generous or be taken advantage of in all aspects of life.

Avoid confrontations, Pisces. A calm atmosphere is best, for angry words put you more on edge than usual. Just remember to stand up for yourself, since you often give in just to keep the peace. You need to get yourself better informed over the next few days about money matters, then you can keep everyone else around you up to scratch as well. Auspicious colors are pale violet and muted tones. Lucky numbers are 62 and 71.
Express yourself today, Pisces. Feel free to be as colorful and noisy as you like. The gorgeous Cancerian Moon boosts your charm and can make your personality ever so magnetic and persuasive. There's no sense letting the moment slide by without making a definite statement. Choose your words with care, as Mercury is retrograde in your sign and is crossing swords with the Moon. Empowering colors are quicksilver and jade. Lucky numbers are 62 and 5.
Be careful working around anything mechanical or electrical. Current planetary influences indicate that machinery will not work well. You might experience some faults or slight accidents, particularly if you are feeling angry. Close relationships may be more difficult now as you are no longer able to compromise as you once did. Somehow giving and taking feels as if it removes your right to be truly yourself. Positive colors are red garnet and lavender. Lucky numbers are 2 and 37.
The restless Gemini Moon is determined to get away from the usual routines. You certainly don't want to be stuck in a rut, as you're on a questing path. Whether you are searching for a career or life's direction, you seek a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment. Perhaps you no longer want to follow certain ambitions, or follow the same course as before. Propitious colors are terra cotta and honeysuckle. Lucky numbers are 45 and 55.
When something needs fixing, there is no time like the present. Looking the other way hoping that someone else will do it is not going to work. Get cracking, push yourself over your resistance and then you will glow with satisfaction at the result. Children or loved ones maybe landing heavier responsibilities on you than usual. In response you may find yourself constantly setting rules and regulations for them, and becoming too strict. Let your inner child out to play and be less rigid. Confident colors are mustard and olive. Lucky numbers are 33 and 9.
Close relationships both at work and at home are more heated than usual. Partners are likely to be fiery-tempered and rather irritable, but you may also find yourself snapping and sniping. It might be wise to throw your energy into co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo, and it will also avoid those eyeball-to-eyeball confrontations, which waste good energy. Beneficial colors are red coral and yellow sapphire. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.
Sometimes you just have to dig deep to find out what people's motivations really are. Or what has led you to the situation you're now facing. Co-operation may not be easy because you feel others might take advantage if you give way on anything substantial at work. Try not to be defensive because it will make things more difficult in the days ahead. Persuade everyone to be less heated. Persuasive colors are charcoal and navy. Lucky numbers are 11 and 23.
Scattering yourself too widely is all too likely at the moment. Don't be frantic, my lovey Fish! If you can detach your feelings from your thinking you will find it easier to focus and concentrate. Why not act like a rugged individualist? You could become one; that's the power of magic. This is definitely the right time for you to step out of your shell. Outrageous colors are cumquat and cream. Lucky numbers are 11 and 78.
The better things of life -- good food and drink, pleasant surroundings, sensuous clothes -- are on your mind as retro Mercury heads back into your sign. You will be the focus of the attention of others, who may even write something about you. Things get confused and edgy. Your need for financial security may push you one way, while the urge to be seen pulls you the other. Do you want to pamper your body with things that feel, smell and taste good? You know this never comes cheap. Auspicious colors are golden rod and malachite. Lucky numbers are 26 and 26.
It's a New Moon at the Equinox, the start of a new astrological year! Wise Fish will cast an eye six months or even a year ahead and work out where you want to be financially as well as emotionally. Once you have set your goals, then you need to work out a practical plan for fulfilling them. You can't just hope it all shakes down, so give yourself a push. In your spare moments throw some energy into reorganizing at home. Advantageous colors are maroon and hazel. Lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
The Equinox signals the start of a new astrological year. Your ego turns to money, assets and the type of lifestyle they provide. Work out what things are truly important to you. Forget splurging to project an image to impress others. Financial gain is in the stars, whether from your own efforts or the assistance of a parent, boss or other major dude. Respond to the energy surrounding you now, for it will motivate you to improve your income and status. Read more on the Equinox! Fortunate colors are mandarin and lavender. Lucky numbers are 1 and 2.
The good life and all it brings with it never comes cheap, dear Fish. You need to boost your nest egg too. With the sensual Moon in Pisces, you're more sensitive to the subtler aspects of the world than usual, so everything around feels dreamy and romantic. If it doesn't, it's time to disappear into that sweet world inside yourself. If you need to be in contact with other people, you'll know the answer to their problems without even having to ask. Favorable colors are amethyst and ivory. Lucky numbers are 19 and 21.
Channel both your energy and your competitive spirit into the way you communicate with your everyday contacts. You will be talking much faster than usual and sweeping any obstacles off to one side. Even ruffle a few feathers if necessary to get everyone moving faster. Just remember to add enough enthusiasm or jokes to lighten the atmosphere. Ensure that no one digs their heels in and refuses to budge. Auspicious colors are pumpkin and glazed brick. Lucky numbers are 18 and 12.
This is not a day to attempt anything too serious or routine. You should be able to settle old differences amicably and also look clearly at your relationships. Those which have outlived their time and have no room for further growth can be quietly dropped. New and better friendships or romances will arrive to take their place. Composed colors are auburn and celadon. Lucky numbers are 16 and 73.
This is the time of year to lay down some long-term plans. Work out what will suit you and get cracking. Once you have got yourself together, you can concentrate on close relationships. Work mates could get edgy if you are too tactless. Watch a tendency at the moment to run or drive too fast, which makes you a little accident prone. Your tendency to blame others for getting in your way may not go down too well. Inventive colors are aquamarine and black pepper. Lucky numbers are 29 and 38.
This is a day to focus in on the small things. Try to see things exactly as they are, which is never as much fun as looking on the bright side but might prove to be more useful. If you are on your own, it's only a temporary, passing phase. No one will shout you down if you use your determination. Auspicious colors are caramel and green. Lucky numbers are 73 and 41.
Your concentration is good once you settle down to it, Pisces. Digging in your heels is all very well, but get the right kind of emotional contact with friends and others, partly for affectionate support, partly because you want to bounce ideas off them for the future. This is your time to set the agenda, and whoever is around can help you sort out your options. Beneficial colors are rye bread and marigold. Lucky numbers are 48 and 6.
The ambitious Moon on your mid-heaven focuses your mind on work, status and reputation. It's a goo day to be out in the community, getting noticed. It's important to you that others appreciate and admire what you're doing, but that means you have to go out of your way to please them. It is only a passing phase, but you could be rather too intense, or feeling blocked and stuck. Lighten up, brighten up and keep your sense of humor handy. Advantageous colors are teal and red coral. Lucky numbers are 16 and 29.
Tackle everything with thoroughness and leave no stone unturned. You could have a problem if you focus so narrowly on things that you can't see the broad picture, so don't get too obsessive. Direct your thinking to whatever has a practical or financial purpose. Others may carp about your slowness, but you know it is vital to get everything right. Advantageous colors are pastel shades and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 27 and 38.
You may need to tighten your belt as Mercury turns retrograde in your second house of finances; funds may be held up and delayed until Mercury turns direct again on Apr 4 in your own sign. Have patience as business matters move slowly... look at this as a time to reconsider your values and priorities. In fact, this could be a blessing in disguise. Read more on Mercury retrograde! Beneficial colors are sage green and russet brown. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
The Scorpio Moon brings romantic messages from abroad or from a distance away. This energy is good for dwelling on loftier subjects, perhaps philosophy, religion, education or politics. You definitely need an escape route! Thoughtful gestures from companions may make you feel admired and appreciated. It may not be the grand passion, but it is rather pleasant. Enjoy! Delightful colors are malachite and cream. Lucky numbers are 11 and 23.
Wake things up that have become dull and routine. If you're too insecure, it could make you a little edgy because you're scared of letting go. Yet if you take a risk, and open up to life, something rather fun could be happening. Your bright ideas and inventive schemes can make you seem either pioneering or rebellious. Adventurous colors are caramel and red satin. Lucky numbers are 50 and 48.
Todays configuration gives you a sense of boldness and the feeling that you are able to do things you haven't been able to do before. Just don't get too sharp or confrontational. Open up a little more. If you feel you might be humiliated if you disclose all your best ideas, consider that you will actually gain from creative discussions. Beneficial colors are black onyx and red coral. Lucky numbers are 13 and 15.
Your relationships come under the spotlight under the Full Moon in your seventh house, and you'll have to pay extra attention to them during the next two weeks as well. If life with a certain person has been tricky recently then matters are about to reach crisis point, leaving you with no option but to take action. You must be decisive but don't over- react or issue ultimatums that are unrealistic or unfair. Advantageous colors are deep purple and red cherry. Lucky numbers are 1 and 3.
You need more support, dear Fish, but you also want your independence. So it is a question of finding how to fulfil your needs without making partners feel theirs are not being met. If your intimates are not entirely on your wavelength, don't flitter off in a huff. Maybe you need to cajole them into fitting in with what you have in mind. If you have to give in a bit, it will be worth it. Advantageous colors are chestnut and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 6 and 9.
Nothing makes you happier than peaceful conversations with friends, neighbors, and workmates. The everyday people in your life are the most appreciative and supportive. Just watch out that you do not set up a disappointment for yourself by expecting too much. Stand up for yourself even if you dislike confrontations more than usual. Don't be too passive. There is an epiphany in the air for those of you who are spiritually active, with good times and creative fun in the frame. Harmonious colors are almond and toffee apple. Lucky numbers are 40 and 63.
If you are normally a little under-confident and lacking in self-esteem, the planetary influences will do wonders for you. But if you are normally a bit over the top, then this could send you sailing off into the stratosphere. You should have little trouble gaining favors, as flattery, charm, and humor on your part is most persuasive. Pleasant relations with neighbors and people with whom you come in daily contact are favored. If these relationships have been troubled, this is a good time to improve them. Advantageous colors are apricot and golden syrup. Lucky numbers are 45 and 33.
Today's cosmic picture places a high value on loyalty, stability and physical closeness. Don't let insecurity make you too possessive or stubborn. Just be affectionate and steadfast. Keep your stamina high, since a good many chores are heading your way. Eat more sensibly, and give yourself things that are going to be of positive benefit rather than going on a strict diet. Providential colors are scarlet and almond. Lucky numbers are 76 and 56.
If you are not being heard, just turn up the volume. Take no hostages in arguments and don't put up with anyone who gets in your way. Close relationships, however, should be easier and less tense, but do not rely totally on a partner's advice. With a morale boosting attitude just now, some of that worthy advice needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Fortunate colors are blue flame and cool magnolia. Lucky numbers are 20 and 27.
Relationships with women should be good, as the nurturing Moon shines protective rays on you today. If you take care of others, they are much more likely to respond in like manner. Saturn is active, so you will be hard working and rather reserved when it comes to emotional matters. Just don't undervalue your contribution, since what you are doing may not be spectacular but it will be worthwhile. Finances, transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures, and comparison shopping should be on your agenda in weeks ahead. Favorable colors are malachite and claret. Lucky numbers are 9 and 17.
The Moon moves through Gemini and your solar fourth house, turning your attention to matters emotional and domestic. Put family first on the agenda if you have them and if there's anything that needs to be done around the home, this is the day to get on with it. Things may be busy in the domicile. Make sure you communicate clearly. Practical colors are olive green and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 26 and 38.

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