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Born between: Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd

Convincing and charming are the best characteristics of someone born under the Libra star sign. When they overcome shyness those with the Libra sign are great debaters who will always share credit for their wins.

Libra, you should be looking beautiful and feeling especially positive, warm, and loving - attracting people of all kinds to you. Your self-confidence, optimism, and determination should peak over the next few days. Anything you've been thinking about starting - a new partnership, business, creative project, romance - is highly likely to succeed and bring good fortune your way. Enjoy.
Unexpected events may crop up and nudge you painfully, Libra. You could get the feeling that these thorns are poking out of nowhere simply to annoy you. Maintain a stable attitude and consider adding unconventional aspects to your daily routine. Today's crazy whirlwind of activity could disrupt your emotions a bit. Don't get frustrated by things you can't control?it's already a long list. Best not to dwell on it.
You may not want to admit something today, Libra, although you know it's true. It becomes more obvious than you think if you're hiding behind a barrier that has formed between you and someone close to you. If you insist on acting this way, ask yourself why you even bother staying in the relationship. Global emergencies don't necessarily cancel out our personal problems. Be gentle with yourself during this difficult time.
Social contact may be limited to Zoom conversations and waving to masked strangers on the street, Libra, but the factors of risk and reward are still in play. From the remove of safe social distancing, the "dangerous stranger" myth is more about fear of the unknown than about imminent physical threat. By taking that risk today, you may be rewarded with a wonderful experience. Either way, you'll be safe and healthy.
The idea of a turning point in one's destiny often brings a smile to the faces of cynical people, but in your case, Libra, it definitely has some meaning. This turning point can take the form of a new person in your life or a key event that changes things forever. Sometimes things that we only hear about actually happen. Something like this may happen to you in the coming months.
You may find that people are likely to challenge your mental process today, Libra. Don't be surprised if they seem to argue with your ideas left and right. Your heart may be especially tender, and any sort of belligerent dispute could affect you deeply. On the other hand, you can use your sensitivity to calm a situation that needs to be remedied.
Parts of your life that may have recently taken a backward turn now get back on track, Libra. You should find that large projects involving electricity, gadgets, or any mechanical parts will finally be favored now. Be patient, for today's energy shift may be subtle. You should begin to feel this increase in forward motion even more over the next few weeks.
Today is an excellent day for you to say exactly how you feel, Libra. Your thinking is sharp and clear. You'll find that once you start talking, you may never stop. People will listen extra carefully to your words. You have a great deal of influence on others. If you realize how much impact you have on the people around you, you'll be able to accomplish a great deal today.
This should be a peaceful day for you, Libra. Be sure to make the most of it, because it's the calm before the storm. This could be a day of discussion and exchange with close friends or colleagues at work. It's ideal to tighten some of your professional ties. Some people might suddenly seem more reasonable than you imagined them to be, so listen up!
Just when you thought you had everything planned out and working smoothly, Libra, love comes in and clogs up the works. Suddenly your attention is diverted and your concentration flies out the window as that dazzling creature catches your eye. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you view the situation. Both aspects of your life are important. The key is finding a healthy balance between them.
You tend to get quite emotional about things even though you don't always show it prominently to the outside world, Libra. The difference today is that more people are likely to be openly acting out their emotions, so you, in turn, could feel safer about exposing your true feelings to the people around you. Have faith that you'll find friends who share similar opinions on this day.
For a while now, a certain number of planetary configurations have been continually pushing you to become aware that you live on a whole planet and not just in a city or neighborhood. You're becoming more aware of society at large, Libra. This means that you may be increasingly attracted to large-scale movements. Now is the time to get involved!
Combine today's grounding force with a bit of emotional intensity from your heart to create a powerful combination of spirit that will surely make an impact on whatever you contact, Libra. The key is to not take yourself too seriously. If you do, there might be incidents that jump up to give you a thump on the head, reminding you that you're just as human as the rest of us.
Things will go more and more in your favor over the next four weeks, Libra, although today you might find that they're slow to get moving. It could be that there is a bit of stress on your body and that you aren't feeling very motivated to get up and go. Don't worry about it. This feeling will soon pass and you'll feel like your old self in no time.
Enough of thinking about yourself, Libra! The hour has now arrived to draw some conclusions. You're at the end of the lengthy volume you were writing on your inner life. You'll have to integrate what you've learned with the different emotions and situations that you're in now. "Normalization" will be the key word in the days to come.
You have an unusual gift for making a situation seem less dramatic, Libra. Today, you'll witness crises of all kinds. You will be the one who reassures people, and the one who can sum up the situation objectively without panicking or exaggerating. This, coupled with your legendary calm, makes for a great combination!
Today is a good day to dream, Libra. Be aware that structured forces may try to convince you that the route you want to take isn't the most practical. You don't necessarily have to be practical in order to be successful or prosperous. Use your imagination. Let your creative spirit lead you to the next step. Find true strength in your ability to recognize and understand the needs of others.
Something is coming to an end concerning your lack of confidence in yourself, Libra. You've been hesitant to stand in the spotlight for quite a while now, perhaps feeling you weren't quite ready. Well, no more excuses! Ready or not, you're going to have to push forward. The only thing you risk losing is your pride, and that is your most resilient asset.
Something has to change, Libra. You knew it as soon as you woke up this morning. Your mirror provides the impetus for some important resolutions. Is it time to begin a diet, make a commitment to exercise more, or strengthen your resolve to quit smoking? Anything you do to improve your health will make you feel better about yourself. Buy some new clothes or get a haircut! Other people will notice, too!
This is a good day to devote time and thought to spiritual pursuits, Libra. Do something inspirational that instills a sense of wonder deep in your soul. Go to a church and light a candle, sit outdoors and watch the changing sky, or study a painting in a local museum. Meditate on your concept of spirituality and the interconnection of humans and the planet, past and present. Savor the connection you feel.
Contact with friends who live or work far away could bring a string of new opportunities your way. You might also be thinking of taking a trip, perhaps to another country or by boat. An opportunity to attend a seminar of some kind could present itself, possibly through friends. A lot is happening, Libra, but try to stay focused. What happens today could be too important to let your mind become muddled.
Be disciplined about all areas of your body, Libra. Take extra care to eat healthful, balanced meals. Make sure you get enough sleep. And even though you gripe about having no time, get out there and exercise. Don't wait for an emergency before you take action. You and you alone control how you feel. Your health is essential to your well-being, not to mention your life!
There's some likelihood that your heart will flutter as certain plans begin to be realized. If you have your heart set on someone who seems impossibly remote, or you're hoping to transform and improve an existing love relationship, the day ahead will enable you to make strides toward this goal, but not without some mishaps. Be prepared to tackle a crisis or two, Libra!
You're well aware that your happiness in love doesn't depend on emotional promises alone. In order to attract your attention, anyone new in your life has to make some material offering as well. That's exactly what could happen today. You might receive a gift from someone who has been buzzing around you for some time. Smile, Libra. People are finally beginning to catch on.
You just cant do everything at once, Libra. How do you expect to reduce your stress and recuperate while at the same time continue to be a superstar performer in every area of your life? Dont pressure yourself to perform today. If you do, youre likely to deplete your reserves even further. Take it easy, rest, and relax! Youve earned this little break.

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