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Born between: Jan 20th - Feb 19th

Those born under the Aquarian are honest, artistic and loyal in their nature which makes them wonderful friends and family members. However stubborn and defensiveness are characterises attributed to Aquarians.

If you've considered a career in publishing, Aquarius, this is the time to go for it. It's also a great day to enroll in law school, an advanced degree program, or any field of higher education. Love with someone from far away could well be in the offing. At the very least, you could make a new friend from a distant state or foreign land. This should be a satisfying day for you.
Your emotions will feel stable today, Aquarius, although an unexpected element might sneak into the equation. Be aware that people will be a bit more volatile. Although the situation may be calm and cool one minute, it could explode in the next minute. Try to stay centered all day so you don't get thrown off course by other people's erratic emotions. Social distancing could be your friend, providing a much-needed buffer.
If you woke up this morning and just wanted to stay in bed rather than start your day, know that you aren't alone, Aquarius. Today you're experiencing a sensitive warmth that makes you feel vulnerable to the chilly wind of reality. Harsh words seem to cut more deeply than usual, making you wish you'd never left the cocoon of your bed. Surround yourself with supportive people, whether in person or remotely.
This is a good day for getting out of the trenches and into the air for a fresh, new perspective on a situation, Aquarius. Don't dwell on things beneath or behind you. Keep looking up. Pick up the phone and call a close friend you haven't spoken with in a while. There may be a great deal of catching up to do. In times of global uncertainty, we need to remember the importance of maintaining contact with old buddies.
The last months have been very challenging - and there's a very good chance that you no longer feel up to meeting the challenges. If you've been yearning to modify something in your daily life, do it now, Aquarius. The hour has come to make concrete changes. Regardless of whether the change you seek is at home or work, physical or emotional, don't be afraid to seriously upset your life.
Take care of the people around you, Aquarius. Service to others is an important part of the day, as compassion and caring are at the forefront of your mind. Take this opportunity to become a reassuring caregiver for someone close who needs a nurturing shoulder. You'll win a great number of loyal friends to your side as you share your passionate nature with others.
It's time to review your dreams and fantasies, Aquarius. It could be that you've been neglecting them lately. Perhaps things you've been working toward haven't exactly panned out the way you'd hoped. The good news is that things should be turning around in your favor starting today. Take control of your dreams and you'll find that you can get them moving forward again.
Your head may be buzzing with activity, Aquarius. It seems like the spotlight suddenly has been turned on. Your mind is on stage and your brainpower is being tested. Are you prepared for the challenge? Whether you're ready or not, it's here. Remember the importance of individuality. Don't become another typical cookie from the same old cookie cutter. Be your own person and think for yourself.
You're filled with vitality today, Aquarius. In other words, you're going to feel great about yourself! You're less afraid of meeting people, and you have fewer doubts about everything, including yourself! This is going to be a great day to consider working a little bit less and thinking a little bit more about what, specifically, is making you feel so good. That way, you can recreate the feeling tomorrow.
Attend to your duties today, Aquarius. There's a pronounced sense of the passage of time and feeling that the days are slipping quickly by. Make sure you fit love and romance somewhere into the equation. You may experience a bit of resistance in this department at first, but that indicates that this is an area you need to explore and ultimately feel more comfortable with.
You can cut through to the truth quite easily today, Aquarius, so don't hesitate to do so. If you come to an intersection and no one seems to know who should go next, take the initiative and go. It might not be a bad idea to signal your intentions to the other drivers before you make your move. Being aggressive with your actions doesn't mean you have to be reckless.
This could be a good day to try relaxation techniques that are a little bit out of the ordinary. Who knows? Maybe you'll even learn something from these unorthodox methods. Why not explore shiatsu or polarity? These techniques can do wonders for restoring your energy, an element that has been in short supply for you lately. Give it a try. As the good doctor said, "This won't hurt a bit."
Your mood should be quite good today, Aquarius, and you'll be well supported by the people around you. The key is to bring intense feelings directly to the table as you experience them. You'll find that other people share similar emotions at this time. The combination of energies between you and those close to you is simply magical. Join together with others on elaborate projects and special events.
Just when you're feeling good and solid in your plan, Aquarius, something or someone may step in to rain on your parade. You could get the feeling today that you're taking one step forward and two steps back. Perhaps there's a feeling of doubt creeping into the picture. Try not to let these nagging, restrictive energies hold you back. Be confident about your abilities.
Do you think your body reflects who you are, Aquarius? If you have the feeling that it doesn't, it's probably because the image you have of yourself isn't quite right. Take a close look at yourself in order to readjust that image. You'll see that your body is the exact mirror of who you are at the moment. The alignment of the planets will help you see this more clearly now.
There are moments when your powers of clear thinking reveal the tremendous amount of maturity that you have, Aquarius. You aren't usually a dreamer, so it's rather difficult to lead you into ambiguous situations. If you currently have sentimental affairs going on in your life, this would be an excellent day to take stock. But try not to be too cold-hearted.
It may be difficult to express yourself fully today, Aquarius. Somehow the words aren't coming out quite as clearly as you'd like. Powerful emotions are getting in the way. It could be difficult for you to find solid footing on such a muddy surface. Don't try to confine yourself to one way of doing something. Patience is a key virtue now. Wait until things clear before you proceed.
The great period of meditation that started for you a few weeks ago is now finished, Aquarius. This means that you are going to have to get back into the real world again! You are going to have to test out how the "new and improved" you operates in everyday life. Get ready. You can expect some real changes!
The good news is it can only get better. For today, however, there may be some trying times in store, Aquarius. If you're a parent, the children will beg for something every five minutes. At work, you'll feel pressure from all sides. Not even your love life is immune from the doubt that seems to hover over you. No compromise is possible today. Just sit tight and know that calmer days are coming.
Today's planetary energy should compel you to commit certain acts of self-affirmation that are needed to define your territory and protect your rights. You'll be encouraged to explore your desires and personal tastes and express your opinion openly and clearly. Everyone has an identity to claim! Don't be bashful about claiming yours now.
A group might invite you to participate in a creative project of some kind today, Aquarius. Whatever you do is likely to be stimulating and exciting. You'll want to channel a lot of energy and enthusiasm into it. You could find yourself thinking in terms of a partnership, making plans to explore the possibility further. This is a great day for socializing. If you receive an invitation to go out, go!
Here is a day of challenges, Aquarius. You're a pro at questioning yourself, as you'll prove today when you take a hard look at your accomplishments. What have you created of a personal nature in the last ten years? Have you followed someone else's example because you doubted yourself? Have you been eternally “almost” ready? Have you dared to jump into projects that were still imperfect? These are the questions that need to be addressed.
You can expect today to be tense, Aquarius, as the people close to you are likely to be especially irritable. Adults and children alike may throw tantrums for no reason, and you'll be criticized for having overlooked some small detail. Fortunately, your new awareness helps you realize that you aren't obligated to do anyone any favors. In this new role, you're able to express your discontent with a quiet, calm authority.
No one dislikes red tape and bureaucracy more than you. But take advantage of the atmosphere today. If you have any applications to submit or formalities to complete, you'll find the process much easier than usual. Communication channels that are normally closed will open, and the administrative mechanisms will be well oiled instead of grinding. Get all administrative tasks done so you won't have to think about them again!
Its time to elevate your sense of self, Aquarius. Youre just as good as anyone else, so why dont you believe it? The problem is that youre very sensitive about having an ego. Even though you know everyone does, you punish yourself for its existence! This is a noble idea, but it doesnt do you any good. Youll never be perfect and neither will anyone else. What are you worrying about?

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