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Born between: May 21st - June 20th

Adaptability is a Gemini's greatest strength which has positives for the workplace. Whilst their affection and imagination provides more great qualities; the negative of a Gemini is that they can be pessimism however they thrive on others optimistic nature.

Love and romance are likely to be tops on your agenda today, Gemini. You're feeling especially warm and loving now. Current and potential love partners could feel strongly drawn to you. Children might also prove a source of happiness and satisfaction. If you're artistically inclined, this is the day to start or finish an enterprise, which could well lead to fame and fortune. This should be a wonderful day.
Examine your emotions, Gemini, and trust your instincts. Unexpected forces may disrupt your preferred flow of things. Know that you'll have no problem keeping the situation under control as long as you stay solid and focused. Your actions today will have long-lasting effects, so be conscious of how you use your energy. Incorporate the old as well as the new in your game plan.
Try to feel at ease today, Gemini. Remember that inner peace is a big part of your health, and maintaining that baseline is critical during a pandemic. Find peace through reflection and a quiet review of where you are in life. Instead of focusing on material things, concentrate more on your emotional state. Others are likely to feel sensitive and weepy as well, so have them join you in this exercise.
You may be at a point where you just want to stop and rest, Gemini. This is the time to do so. You deserve a break, so take this day and enjoy yourself. While there's often more fun to be had in numbers, the current reality of social distancing translates this into conference calls and online parties, so plan accordingly. The more of yourself that you share with others, the more respect you'll gain from them.
The solar system is shifting gears today, Gemini, and it's liable to trigger a great transformation that will last seven months. The change will center on the means you use to fulfill yourself in terms of both your career and love life. If you feel somewhat hemmed in by your training or upbringing, you can expect to seek liberation from these inhibitions in the months to come.
Things may not be as obvious as they first seem today, Gemini. Don't get started on a project until you understand the full scope of what you're getting into. Otherwise, you may find yourself caught in the middle of an emotional drama that leaves you little room for escape. Don't be surprised if your motivation suddenly dissipates and you're left with no incentive to get your work done.
Goals that may have seemed unreachable in the recent past are finally starting to come into focus, Gemini. It could be that you've been neglecting your dreams because they only seemed to move farther away every time you addressed them. Have faith that your luck is starting to change. Be patient and you'll find that even your wildest fantasies will start to come to fruition.
Your mind should be quite clear today, and communication will go extremely well for you, Gemini. You'll find that you'll need very few words to get your point across. You'll connect to people on many levels. Realize that you have important information to share with those around you. Your critical, practical, grounded opinion plays a key role in the activities of the day.
If you're in love, Gemini, you'll love today. You could plan for almost anything from a little trip together to a lifetime full of children and grandchildren. Even though your foresight sometimes overcomes your spontaneity, let yourself yield to the unexpected a little bit. The future will be a bright contrast after the comparative gloom of the past few weeks.
You, of all people, will appreciate the need for structure and stability on a day like this, Gemini. This practical energy could be taking some of the fun out of the equation. You may not recognize it at first, but if you aren't careful, the fun in your life could be chipped away little by little. Make sure you hold tight to the things that give your life passion and purpose.
Don't put up with anyone's shenanigans, Gemini. Your time is too precious and your energy too powerful to waste on those who see you as a fair-weather friend or emotional crutch. Concentrate on your own problems. If someone has a sob story, tell him or her exactly what you think. No need to pad the honest truth with a bunch of fluff just to make the other person feel good.
Is there some material need weighing on your spirit right now, Gemini? If you can't see how to solve the problem alone, why not discuss it with your friends? They may have some ideas. Today, the word "impossible" has been banished from the English language. Take advantage of the opportunity to look for solutions in unlikely places.
Connect with the stabilizing force of the day, Gemini. It's important for you to keep at least one foot on the ground, as powerful and intense emotions are likely to try to take over the scene. This is a good time to do things with passion. Don't hold back. Whatever you do today, you need to give it all or nothing. There is no room for any half-hearted attempts.
You might find it easier to connect with others at this time, Gemini. It would behoove you to reconnect with friends or family members you may have lost touch with. Their energy can bring an entirely different perspective to your life, which could surprise you with its richness. The aspects are also good for meeting new people. Don't hesitate to get out there and mix and mingle!
The day ahead may help you break away from the surrounding gloom and doom. A more playful influence is trying to make its way into your relationships, especially your emotional commitments. It could refresh your interest in your love life. If you haven't been spending enough quality time with your partner, you'd better make up for it now. Your mate will be overjoyed.
Today time will stop and might even seem to go backward, Gemini. Use this pause to reflect on your motivations. The clues from the Zodiac seem to suggest that you're currently settling questions that concern the fate of another person. Perhaps you should be spending an equal amount of time considering your own fate as well.
Your current plan of attack may run into some snags today, Gemini. This might be caused by an emotional need that you may not have recognized earlier. The problem is that your head may say one thing while your gut tells you something else. You might need to put everything on hold while you sort out this inner turmoil. There's a great deal of compassion in the air.
You may have felt an oppressive mood hanging in the air when you woke up this morning, Gemini. Unfortunately, that haze of misunderstanding and conflict is likely to last all day. However, it makes this an ideal time to speak up about anything that's bothering you! Don't be shy about going on the warpath today. If you don't, you're likely to be the target of a surprise attack.
An important aspect has passed, and you are in the process of reaping the benefit from it, Gemini. It was only a matter of becoming aware of and settling certain matters related to your need for social recognition. Don't be so hungry for approval, Gemini. Most people contain a stern inner authority figure and can survive comfortably and self-sufficiently. In fact, it's your greatest strength.
Discard those items from the past for which you really no longer have use. As much as you like to surround yourself with objects of sentimental value, the time comes when it's necessary to look to the future rather than dwell on the past. The time spent cleaning your home and throwing out extraneous things will release you from the past and allow you to embrace the future.
Expect a lot of intellectual stimulation to come your way today, Gemini. Important news could come on the phone, necessitating action on your part in order to bring about a desired end. You might need to spend time in the car, contacting others in the neighborhood. The excitement of the moment could have you feeling especially optimistic, but take care to pace yourself. Exhaustion could prove counterproductive now.
You'll go one of two ways today, Gemini. Either you'll turn inward and meditate in a corner or you'll find a good friend and confide your dissatisfaction. Don't hesitate to let your guard down and express yourself even more honestly than is typical for you. Have no worries that your problems will bore your friend. True friends are happy to help. You'd do the same, wouldn't you?
Your ideas about life are going through some radical changes. None of the givens that you've always taken for granted apply any more, Gemini. Rather than lament the changes, grow from them. So don't drag your feet! Stand up and move ahead. This is no time for a vacation. You have some rebuilding to do.
You're a great creator of systems, Gemini. You can tinker with every sort of construction, from theories and computer programs to scientific experiments and strategic evaluations. Today the planets are guiding you. You're a perfect computer, capable of synthesizing random events into pure reason. You're sure to attract attention if you share your thoughts with others.
You may have been feeling somewhat disillusioned. Perhaps you lost sight of your goals or misplaced your faith in yourself. Youll feel some relief beginning today. This is an opportunity to end what has been a somewhat apathetic and moody phase and begin a new one thats based on work and meditation. As you can imagine, this new phase will be much more fulfilling!

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