Hot Cross Bun Protein Balls

Hot Cross Bun Protein Balls

Sweet chocolate bunnies and egg hunts are a fast track to sugar highs and upset stomachs, especially when a typical chocolate egg contains approximately 9-10g of sugar (RDI for an adult is 30g, and 23g for children).

Leading dietitian Susie Burrell says that this means that adults and children only need to eat three chocolate eggs to max out their daily recommended sugar intake.

As a parent Susie knows that it can be difficult to monitor how much chocolate your children eat throughout the day, so looking at low sugar alternatives like dark chocolate or protein rich treats that have a 100% natural peanut butter in them, will help to slow down the snacking.

Susie's tips for enjoying a healthier Easter:
• Be aware of how much sugar is in each Easter treat
• Mix treats with a 100% natural protein source like Mayver's Peanut Butter
• Prepare your own Easter sweets
• Collect Easter eggs and redistribute evenly
• Wait until later in the day before indulging in sweets

Hot Cross Bun Protein Balls

Time: 25 minutes | Serves: 10-12
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Vegetarian

1/4 cup almond meal
1/4 cup dessicated coconut
1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
2 tbsp Mayver's Unsalted Peanut Butter
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
1/4 tsp orange zest
1/4 cup currants
1/4 tsp mixed spice
1/4 tsp cinnamon

1. In a mixing bowl combine Mayver's Unsalted Peanut Butter with orange juice
2. Add remaining ingredients and mix to combine well. Used hands to mix well if needed. Texture should hold together once rolled into a ball. Use 1 tbsp extra orange juice if needed.
3. Store in refrigerator until ready to eat.

Recipe tips: Add more spice to taste. A pinch of vanilla powder can add an extra punch of flavour.

This recipe was provided by Casey-Lee Lyons from @livelovenourishaus