Jessica Ride sweet like honey

Jessica Ride sweet like honey

Some people say that one of the ironic verities of life is that sorrow is sometimes a touchstone of love. More often than not, the world's sweetest things may come with a bee sting. But for 19-year-old rising Melbourne artist Jessica Ride, when we move past all the pains, life may also come with a mesmerizing song to sing.

After the warm reception of her sophomore single 'snakes', which was released on May 21st, Jessica continues to gain momentum, as she gears up for her next single, 'sweet like honey', set for release with a music video on Friday, 4th of June. The song is an intimate and emotional closure to a love that once was, and is taken from her forthcoming project 'DRAMATIC'.

Written by Jessica herself, with production by Curtis Hatton, 'sweet like honey' is a nod to Curtis' advice to Jessica to "write for the world" and to not worry too much about pleasing people from her past. Jessica's nuanced and distinct vocals perfectly capture the authenticity and rawness of the emotions behind the lyrics, which she wrote during a time when her heartbreak was still fresh.

"The song doesn't have a bridge, because quite honestly, I had nothing left to say. I was still so numb. But I really hope people feel this song, deep down in their hearts." "Jessica Ride

Despite still being new in the scene, Jessica has started making a name for herself, with media coverage from Vibez Music, 4ZZZ: Cosmic Gravy, Truck Stop Radio, and Monies New Music, among others. With an EP coming on the 11th of June, there is indeed no stopping for this emerging indie-pop princess to ride on the wings of her dreams at full throttle!