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Kate Kendall Blackmores X Spotify Interview

Kate Kendall Blackmores X Spotify: Well Beings Keep Running to the Sound of Their Own Beat Interview

To celebrate this year's Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, Blackmores, Australia's most trusted vitamin and supplement brand* has collaborated with Spotify Australia to develop a game-changing experience that motivates runners through music.


The Blackmores running playlist, developed in partnership with Spotify, the world's largest music streaming service, allows runner's to listen to a personalised customised playlist of inspirational beats to improve their pace and headspace.


To generate a playlist, budding runners enter the name of a song or artist that is top of their running playlist, the duration of their run and their average pace. Once created, the -Well Beings Keep Running Playlist' integrates into a Spotify account in a seamless transition, whether via mobile or desktop.

The -Well Beings Keep Running Playlist' is designed to push runners towards their end goal by creating a musical playlist that reflects runner's BPM (beats per minute) to purposefully motivate them throughout the entire journey. 


'For me, music is motivational fuel and crucial for running long distances," said ultra-marathon runner and Blackmores Wellbeing Coach, Bec Wilcock. 'The power of music can have real performance enhancing effects. It reduces a runner's perception of pain and fatigue and can have a positive mental impact by releasing endorphins".


'At Blackmores, we are all about providing the tools and support to help you be a well being," said Blackmores Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Di Vito. 'When it comes to running, we know that everyday athletes are after quick and simple tricks that will help them on their running journey. Whether it's a personalised music playlist, expert nutritional advice or your best cool down exercise, we've got it all on our brand new Blackmores Run Hub."


'This is what you came for" by Calvin Harris and 'Take a Chance" by Flume will be some of the many tracks getting Bec to the finish line on her -Well Beings Keep Running Playlist' while she competes in the 9km Bridge Run at this year's Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.


The Well Beings Keep Running playlist generator is available on Blackmores website:  direct link


Bec Wilcock's full unique Spotify playlist:

Kate Kendall's full unique Spotify playlist:


To participate in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on Sunday 18 September 2016, register now at



Instagram: @blackmoresaustralia

Twitter & Facebook: @blackmores

Interview with Kate Kendall

Question: What are the benefits of practicing yoga for runners?

Kate Kendall: Greater mobility and focus, faster and deeper recovery and trains you mentally for grace under pressure.

Question: How does yoga help improve mental state and stamina for runners?

Kate Kendall: Yoga teaches you grace under pressure. When you're in a confronting and challenging posture, staying clam, connected to breath and in control of emotions is an essential tool for running a race.

Question: What are your top 3 stretches for warm up and recovery?

Kate Kendall: Psoas Lunge, Crescent Lunge, Trikonasana, Extended Side Angle and a sprinkling of sun salutes (which incorporates many postures). This set of postures both warm the body and can aid greater recovery.

Question: What are your top 3 tips for optimum health and wellbeing while training?

Kate Kendall: In my opinion, the most important thing when it comes to nourishing your body when you are training hard is to be kind to yourself. If you practice mindful eating, really paying attention to what you are putting into your mouth and how you are consuming it, you will be surprised how easy it is to stick to clean eating.

Find two to three moments in the day (including the very start of it, in the morning) to be completely still and just observe the breath. Stillness is the most under-utilised tool we have for productivity and fulfilment.

Thirdly, make time to digest your day. At the end of your day, take five minutes to sit and reflect. Acknowledge the conversations, actions and hot spots in your day. Give gratitude for the things that were great and – without necessarily wading in them – recognise the areas you could have acted with more integrity or kindness. Processing your day is key to sleeping well and clearing your head.

Question: What essential items are in your gym bag?

Kate Kendall: Beauty wipes – I never leave home without my Simple Kind to Skin wipes
Magnesium – Blackmores Super Magnesium+ tablets are my secret weapon. Taken daily, they help my often over worked muscles recover
Water – I always carry a big bottle of water around with me
Healthy snacks – clean, raw and slow release energy snacks like nuts and protein bliss balls are my favourites
My laptop – I never know when I'm going to have 10 minutes to catch up on emails



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