Lamb, Pumpkin & Haloumi Kebab

Lamb, Pumpkin & Haloumi Kebab

Warilba Organic Lamb have got you covered for dinner ideas this year, using the most ethical and sustainable meat products to ensure you are left feeling guilt free, so now is the perfect time to bring out the air fryer and take your cooking skills to the next level. To get you started...Chef Ryan McBurney has shared his top 4 hacks for those new to cooking with an air fryer:

1. Make sure to preheat your air fryer
2. Any drippings that collect in the air fryer draw can be easily utilised to make sauces and gravies
3. Sometimes it is necessary to shake the basket during the cooking process to ensure everything is cooking evenly
4. To achieve crispy food, use oil sparingly, there is no need to douse the contents in olive oil

This simple and delicious recipe you can try at home with your airfryer, courtesy of Chef Ryan McBurney, will have you salivating...

Air Fryer Warilba Lamb, Pumpkin & Haloumi Kebabs with Mint Pesto

Serves | 8 skewers
Prep & Cooking Time | 16 mins
Cost | approx. $2.20 per skewer (incl sauce)

Warilba Lamb Kebab Ingredients
350g Warilba Lamb – 1.5cm dice
70g Pumpkin – it is important thickness is approx. 4mm
50g Halloumi - diced
40g Red Capsicum - diced
2 large leaves kale – torn and folded
30g Red onion – dice

Mint Pesto Ingredients
1 cup picked mint leaves
½ cup picked parsley leaves
1/8 cup toasted pine nuts
1/8 cup olive oil
1 tsp cider vinegar
1 tsp honey
Pinch salt
Few grinds black pepper

1. Cut and weigh all ingredients according to recipe then start threading them onto skewers.
2. When finished load kebabs into air fryer set at 200 degrees celsius for 10 minutes.
3. To achieve an appealing green pesto you need to blanch and refresh the picked herbs first in boiling water then into iced water.
4. Boil the kettle and pour over herbs, sit for 15 seconds then strain and plunge herbs into ice water. Squeeze out excess water and place in a mini food processor.
5. Add remaining ingredients and pulse until a loose paste is achieved.
6. Remove kebabs from air fryer and drizzle pesto over them to finish.
7. To convert to a more substantial meal serve with tortilla wraps and salad leaves or with rice and beans.

Warilba Lamb can be found in specific butchers across Australia