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Lauren King The Importance of Travel Interview

Travelling the New Tertiary

From the sights you see, to the knowledge you gain, travel can be much more than ticking things off a bucket list, with nearly three quarters (75%) of Aussies believing travelling is just as valuable as getting a tertiary degree, if not more.

New research from AVANI Broadbeach Gold Coast Residences reveals Aussies are looking to their time away from home to expand their skillset, with three quarters (71.3%) of Aussies interested in learning a new skill while on holiday.

Three quarters of the nation (86.7%) feel they have not yet achieved their lifelong passions, with more than half (54.3%) looking to travelling with the sole purpose of mastering a skill, as the means to bridge the gap.

Over a quarter (27.3%) of Aussies surveyed have even gone so far as to admit, they would opt out of booking a holiday if it didn't involve the opportunity to learn something new.

However, Aussies are increasingly time poor with close to half the nation (46.8%) feeling the pressures of work and life prevent them from taking up a new talent at home. With 80% of Aussies believing travelling provides life skills you wouldn't otherwise achieve, AVANI Broadbeach is launching its Masters in Travel experience – a one of a kind program that sees a stay at AVANI turn into a series of fun ways to master a passion.

From cooking up a storm, to mastering the art of stand-up paddle boarding, the top five skills Aussies are looking to learn on holiday include:

Cooking (25%)
Meditation (14%)
Yoga (13%)
Surfing (12%)
Barista skills (10%)

"Travelling doesn't just unlock experiences, it can teach us new things that we treasure and take with us throughout life," said Brett Hohn, General Manager AVANI Broadbeach Gold Coast Residences. "Our research found over a third (39.6%) of Aussies feel they can achieve more while on holiday, with 1 in 5 feeling a greater sense of accomplishment when they master a passion while travelling.

"We're all about the details that matter at AVANI Hotels & Resorts, which is why we launched our Masters in Travel program. Our guests can explore outside our four walls, mastering new capabilities in intimate classes and gaining the most out of their travels," he concluded.

The love of learning on holiday is set to continue, with 1 in 3 Aussies planning to book a trip with the sole purpose of learning a new skill within the next 12 months.

With the Masters in Travel experience, guests staying at AVANI Broadbeach will not only leave their holiday with a bank of memories, they can also bring home a new set of life skills.

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Interview with Lauren King, life coach from Live Above Zero

Question: Are you surprised that Australians are choosing educational holidays over wild/party holidays?

Lauren King: Not at all - in the fast-paced lives we all seem to try to survive these days in the western world so many of us neglect our own personal hobbies, travel and wellness goals in the pursuit of just trying to keep up. Research from AVANI Broadbeach revealed, close to half the nation (46.8%) feel the pressures of work and life prevent them from taking up a new skill at home. Consequently, holidays and annual leave gift us with the time and mental capacity to escape the expectations of employers and the freedom to get realigned with our own values and personal mission in the world, to pursue our own goals and aspirations.

Question: What types of skills do we generally learn on holidays?

Lauren King: Besides attempting to master the skill of turning off and relaxing (which seems hard to do these days with so many notifications and social media platforms demanding our attention), the research also revealed that three quarters (71.3%) of Aussies interested in learning a new ability while on holiday - the top 5 skills were Cooking (25%), Meditation (14%), yoga (13%), Barista skills (10%) and Kayaking / stand-up paddle boarding (7%).

Question: How important is travel to our development?

Lauren King: So important, travelling is becoming more than just checking off a bucket list, so much so that nearly three-quarters of the nation believe it to be just as valuable as a degree, if not more. It's a great way to get out of your comfort zone and see your world in a new perspective, and with a newfound gratitude for diversity, learning about different cultures, history, different values, hobbies and ways of living.

Question: Are you able to provide some examples of these holidays that allow us to pursue passion over a hangover?

Lauren King: Sure there are so many places around the world let alone in the country that allow you to explore and be educated, whether it's retreats, resorts or even recreation programs. I know here locally on the Gold Coast - AVANI Broadbeach is offering a Masters in Travel program this April. Guests will be able to attend small, intimate classes with local businesses to learn a new skill or redefine one they already have such as yoga, cocktail classes and surfing. Who wouldn't want to get blissed out, learn how to surf and make Pina Coladas while you're here basking in Gold Coast's glorious sun and mingle with some of the locals? That's exactly what the Gold Coast culture is all about!

Question: In your experience how important is finding the opportunity to pursue passions?

Lauren King: It is so important! So often, so many people that I talk to have this feeling like they are settling for a life, relationship or career less than the one they know they are capable of having, doing or being. They feel underwhelmed and are not living life lit up, they're not living life on their terms, they are not waking up with enthusiasm, or passion or that fire in their belly. What is happening is - somewhere along the way we forget what used to light us up as kids, what we naturally enjoyed doing and would spend our energy and time freely immersing ourselves in, when our only concern was whether we 'felt like doing it", our lives were dictated purely by what we wanted and we enjoyed - before we had someone else dictate what we should/have to be doing with our time, energy and money. So finding the opportunity to pursue your passion is a great way to rediscover that natural zest and enthusiasm for life again, and throw yourself into projects that fuel your fire and light you up!

Question: Why did you decide to pursue your passion for life coaching?

Lauren King: I have always been passionate about helping others and wanted to leave a positive impact in the world and ensure that my life would not be lived in vain. That in some way I served others, left a legacy behind and the world was in some way, shape or form happier, better, more educated, connected or accepting because of my presence.

Question: What do you offer at Live Above Zero?

Lauren King: I offer one on one life coaching, as well mental health and personal development workshops for families and businesses. I have also partnered up with a team of health professionals where we deliver an online holistic health program educating and supporting our clients to make small, sustainable healthy lifestyle choices for a happy mind, body and heart. Babes in Business and Babes talking Business podcast are my favourite projects geared towards mentoring female entrepreneurs, professional women, side hustlers (those with a day job, those full time mammas – striving to build their empire on the side) whether it be in non/traditional business, investments, start-up companies or online social media influencers.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Lauren King: I love that every day is different, depending what clients, podcasts or workshops are booked that day. Most days start off at the beach whether it is with a walk, run or swim with some personal development in my ears to help get me in the right mindset for a great day - inspiring me to be more, do more and help more. Then clients, emails, social media, filming or recording until about 5-6pm before I enjoy some downtime with my partner, a beach meditation or a dance class with my girlfriends!

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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