LEX Bitter

LEX Bitter

LEX has followed up her February debut (C'EST LA VIE) with the release of her new single "Bitter". The new single, produced by Oscar Sharah, takes inspiration from Rihanna's 2016 track 'Needed Me', and showcases a girl who, despite having battled issues of anxiety and insecurities, is ready to take the leap to stardom.

"Bitter was genuinely one of the more raw, emotional songs that I have written, simply because I vividly remember walking into the studio in such a negative headspace, ingrained with these feelings of anger and disappointment. It just so happened that those feelings created those words, while Oscar just played to that with the perfect sound."

LEX's sophomore entry expresses the insecurities that come along with growing up with tough love. Portraying feelings of angst and long-held grudges, Bitter showcases a girl who can't let go of the negative experiences she's faced in her life.

"I wrote this song as a natural follow up to C'EST LA VIE, as someone who has struggled to let go of tough, negative experiences in my life. That is Bitter."

With notable influences stemming from Billie Eilish, Julia Michaels, and Charlotte Lawrence, LEX's pensive, dark-pop sound voices a fragile, yet commanding sound.

Having previously worked alongside Xavier Dunn (GRAACE, Jack River, CXLOE), Mike Daley (Chris Brown, Lady Gaga), Cyrus Villaneuva, and Kota Banks, Bitter is some of LEX's finest work to date.

"I knew leaving the studio that day that we'd made something special. Something that truly embodied where I have been emotionally for a large portion of my life. I'm excited for the world to hear Bitter."

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