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Louise Adams Camp Gallipoli Interview

Louise Adams Camp Gallipoli Interview

They may be a fair way from Turkey or the fields of France, but thousands of people with their swags and sleeping bags are getting ready to keep the Anzac Spirit alive at a closer commemorative event, Camp Gallipoli.

Young Aussies will set up camp at outdoor venues around the country, joining in a special night of remembrance, entertainment and mateship commemorating the Anzac spirit in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Attendees will sleep under the stars, before waking for the Dawn Service on Anzac Day.

Camp Gallipoli is an education-based not-for-profit project, started by Adelaide's Chris Fox to commemorate Anzac Day and other WW1 battles significant to Australia and New Zealand's history.

'The Camp Gallipoli commemorative events aspire to instill the Anzac ideals of mateship, courage, inclusiveness and self-sacrifice into the youth of Australia and New Zealand to ensure the unique Anzac Spirit is kept alive for future generations," states Mr. Fox.

Camp Gallipoli is proud to have the support of Australia's top young artists performing live as part of the national commemorative events. Gates open at 3pm on Sunday 24 April, and will include special performances from Louise Adams (Adelaide), Dami Im (Brisbane), Taylor Henderson (Melbourne), Stan Walker (Perth), and Cyrus (Sydney). The music program also features local artists, school bands and choirs, interactive conversations and a number of very powerful films including 'The Last Anzacs".

Emerging from humble beginnings to become Australia's brightest starlet, Dami Im has set the world alight with an incredible voice that rightly earned her The X Factor crown in 2013. Ever since, she has carved an unstoppable music career with multiple ARIA accreditations and #1 singles.

Dami is on her way to fly the Aussie flag at Eurovision 2016 where she is one of the hot favourites, and before she goes, she'll fly the Camp Gallipoli flag at the RNA Showground in Brisbane.

Dami says, 'I performed at the first Camp Gallipoli last year and it was a really special event. As a new Australian, the Anzac spirit is one of the most important things I have learned about since coming here. I can't wait to sing under the stars with other young Aussies in Brisbane."

Camp Gallipoli's gates open at 3pm on Sunday 24 April with the official event beginning at 5pm (local time). Individual and school group tickets are available, starting from $54.95 per student for annual memberships to The Gallipoli Club.

This year for every school student who attends a Gallipoli Club event, a gold coin will be donated towards building a Franco-Australian Pozières School, to recognise Australia's allegiance with France in WW1.

'We are excited to see this event grow as it continues to preserve and foster the Anzac legacy", Mr. Fox continues.

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Interview with Louise Adams

Question: What is Camp Gallipoli?

Louise Adams: Camp Gallipoli is an amazing opportunity for school kids, teachers, parents, families and communities to come together & commemorate ANZAC Day and its origins. It offers a unique overnight experience featuring the Anzac Flame Ceremony; sleeping out under the same stars as the original ANZACS did over 100 years ago and waking to the bugle's call for a very special Dawn Service. It is important to appreciate the ANZAC influence in all of our lives, and Camp Gallipoli is an incredible event which aims to educate, inspire and encourage involvement in ANZAC Day, encourages people to understand its history and ongoing relevance to our modern world.

Question: What inspired you to get involved in Camp Gallipoli?

Louise Adams: I think the concept is fantastic! As time passes and those whom can tell the stories personally sadly pass on, I believe it is increasingly important to educate young people about why we have ANZAC Day, the history of Gallipoli, and the continuing relevance of the day. In the last few years I think there are definitely more people attending services, and it's lovely to see a lot more school aged kids and families attending, an indication that initiatives like Camp Gallipoli are working!

Question: What can attendees expect from the night?

Louise Adams: I will be there with my full band, a unique group of talented musicians and singer/songwriters in their own right. We will be performing a bunch of my favourite songs off my album and the show such as Ain't no Sunshine, Blame it on me, People help the People, Put a Spell on You and my single History, in addition to a few new original songs. The boys and I are really excited about the gig!

Question: What does ANZAC Day mean, to you?

Louise Adams: ANZAC Day has always been a very special day for me, and like many families it has personal meaning, with both my dad and grandfather being ex-service men, and my Nana was a Legacy child, and always told us about her dad (my Great-Grandfather) whom died far too young due to poisonous gas in the trenches of WW1 over on the Western Front.

As long as I can remember I have been part of the activities; as a youngster going to watch my Papa play the bagpipes in the ANZAC Day parade in Adelaide, going to the Dawn service with my dad every year from a young age, and these days I try to get to Adelaide to watch my Dad march on the Parade. But wherever we are in the world, I get to a Dawn service; one year, whilst living in London, I even made the trek to The Western Front, visited the trenches, and the memorials and attended the Dawn service in....It was very special and quite overwhelming given my great-grandfather had served over there. I am quite passionate about using ANZAC Day to not only remember and acknowledge what all of those service men and women have done for us over the many years, but also to take the time to talk to these amazing people (old and young) and hear their stories and show them respect and appreciation - it's their day! I also believe it is more important than ever to pass on the history, stories and educate younger generations about what ANZAC Day means, and we take our lil baby Frankie to the dawn service and the parade.

Question: How does it feel to be selected for Adelaide alongside Dami Im, Taylor Henderson, Stan Walker and Cyrus?

Louise Adams: These guys are all such fantastic and diverse musicians, and to be included amongst them is very flattering. Ha ha, just a shame we will all be in different cities!

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Louise Adams: Ha ha....very diverse!
Jack White
Lianne La Havas Courtney Barnett
Ryan Adams
Gary Clarke Jr
Jake Bugg
The Beatles
Billie Holiday
Chet Faker
The Doors
Snoop Dog
Damian Marley
And more.....

Question: What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Louise Adams: My grandfather, Papa Andy, always encouraged me to have music in my life, and that it was a great skill to be able to share it with others, whether it be on a stage or in the backyard. This has been instilled in me, and I'm extremely fortunate to be able to do it on a larger stage now.

My Papa also always taught us to always keep learning and taking challenges, he did this right up until he passed at 98! My dad also left one career to pursue another passion, farming, and so I guess having these influences gave me the confidence to jump out of my comfort zone and pursue a career in music.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Louise Adams: I have been a musician since a young age, and always will be, but to have the absolute privilege of being able to pursue a musical career is something I am incredibly grateful for. I have two favourite aspects of being a musician; that moment when I know I have written a song that really hits me, it has something about it that can't be explained or planned. The other aspect is performing to a captivated audience on stage - despite my nerves beforehand, i feel incredibly at ease on stage performing and whilst it may sound cliche, I have always had a feeling it is a natural place for me.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Louise Adams: There are many whom I would love to collaborate with; but a couple that stand out......Mr Jack White, and someone closer to home is my gypsy brother Samuel D Adams.

Question: What's next, for you?

Louise Adams: In addition to a few festivals and live gigs at the moment, I am heavily in songwriting mode, ahead of heading into the studio over the next couple of months. In the latter half of the year, I am looking forward to a National Tour, hitting a few more festivals around Australia, and also a sneaky trip to America with Andy and Frankie! Gonna be a big year!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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