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Australia Zoo's Tiger Cub Names

Australia Zoo's Tiger Cub Names


Earlier today, Bindi Irwin and head of Australia Zoo's Big Cats department, Geoff Neubecker introduced Scout and Delilah, Australia Zoo's newly named male and female tiger cubs to the world! These are the second pair of cubs born at Australia Zoo following Hunter and Clarence in 2014. Like their half-brothers, these cubs have incredible genetic importance to the global breeding program due to their wild bloodline from their mother, Kaitlyn.


Scout and Delilah will begin guest encounters tomorrow on Tuesday April 12 where they will act as ambassadors for their cousins in the wild. Encounters will support Wildlife Warrior's Tiger 511 program where every donation of $5 saves one tiger for one day. The Tiger Protection and Conservation Unit in Indonesia are sponsored through the program and charged with the defence of the forest and protection of wild tigers from poaching. 


With Scout's name being sponsored by Scouts Queensland and Delilah's name being sponsored by Wise Education, Australia Zoo is thrilled that these partnerships will bring attention to the critical endangerment of Sumatran tigers and allow children and adults alike to contribute to the most successful tiger conservation program in Asia.


Bindi also made the special announcement that Australia Zoo has recently welcomed the birth of another tiger cub! First time mum Maneki and dad, Satu, welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world early last week! Both mum and son are healthy and Australia Zoo is eager to introduce him to the world in the coming weeks too.


'We're so happy to make the special announcement that we now have a third, brand new cub here at Australia Zoo! These cubs are so precious and there are so few left in the wild," said Bindi.


Eventually, our new cub will begin encounters with guests just like Scout and Delilah, continuing dad's dream of bringing people closer to our conservation cause. When guests have their special experience with our cubs here at the Zoo, they're helping to save wild tigers," she said.


The birth of this new cub is yet another testament to Australia Zoo's commitment to and success in the global breeding program for Sumatran tigers.


Steve Irwin believed that the closer people could get to animals, the more they would appreciate and want to save them. Through his philosophy, Australia Zoo continues to raise awareness for tigers and all other wildlife by bringing people closer to them with experiences just like these.


#CubsRule at Australia Zoo!


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