Montgomery Lavender Haze

Montgomery Lavender Haze

Melbourne-based producer / singer-songwriter Montgomery made a dazzling return in September with her hypnotic indie-pop offering 'Close To Being Apart'. Today, Montgomery is proud to announce her new EP 'Opal 67' will arrive on Friday 25th February 2022. The announcement comes alongside a brand new single, 'Lavender Haze', which explores the emotional rollercoaster that can come with falling in love. 

Talking about the new single, Montgomery reveals:

"I'd experienced the anxieties that grow from feeling like you're falling in love. Going over certain situations and memories in my head, over analysing to the point of rewriting reality just to escape that vulnerability. I wanted to write about what I was feeling and thinking when I came to accept what was happening. The term "Lavender Haze" felt appropriate and I wanted to expand on its meaning within this song. Falling in love isn't always rose coloured. It can get dark and muddied by so many emotions that come up and I feel like that's the Lavender Haze."

'Lavender Haze' is the second single in what was a welcome and fruitful musical homecoming for Montgomery. 'Close To Being Apart' received a triple j spot addition following its Home & Hosed premiere, alongside abundant domestic support from the likes of MTV Australia, Rage, The Music, the AU review, Ramona Magazine, AusPop, Something You Said, Sounds of Oz, Australian Music Scene and more. The track was also met with love from community radio across the country, including FBi, RTR FM, Edge Radio, and Radio Adelaide to name a few.

With the impending release of her highly anticipated new EP, 'Opal 67', Montgomery explains the collection of songs is "a dramatic retelling of the interpersonal connections I've made and lost while trying to navigate through adulthood."

"Sonically, it feels like the natural progression from 'New Clear War' and the next step in my journey as a writer and producer. The themes found within these tracks are those of love, loss, acceptance and hope. I've been wanting to release this EP for what feels like a very long time and after spending two years at home writing and recording alone in my studio, while also working remotely with my friends Hamish Patrick and Gab Strum on co-production for a few tracks and Sam Sproull on mixing and mastering, it's made this release feel particularly intimate which is something I value in the art I consume. I'm so excited to share 'Opal 67' in full, as it's intended to be more than the sum of its parts."

'Lavender Haze' and the forthcoming EP were produced by Montgomery and Hamish Patrick. Mixing and mastering duties were carried out by Samuel K Sproull.