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The Natural Solution for Headaches and Migraines

The Natural Solution for Headaches and Migraines

It's time to move away from the excessive medication bandwagon where the underlying causes of headaches and migraines remain undiagnosed for years. Instead, Precision Physio is urging Australians to turn to physiotherapy for relief.

Precision Physio offer the Headache Relief Program which aims to educate headache sufferers about the causes of headaches and the effective, drug free treatment options that are available.

Pete Magner, Physiotherapist, founder and CEO of Precision Physio says, 'We are excited to offer sufferers the relief they've been waiting for, in the most natural way. New research shows that a large proportion of headaches are caused at least partially, if not completely, by the problems we have within the neck. We can assess this and work towards saying goodbye to the never-ending aches and pains once and for all!"

Precision Physio prides itself on the results they have achieved to date with the Headache Relief Program. Their team of skilled physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are trained in advanced headache assessment, diagnosis and management techniques.

With over 20 years experience in the industry and a passion for improving and changing people's lives, Pete shares his five migraine warning signs and triggers:

1. Have you got a lump at the base of your neck?
2. Do you have stiffness in your mid back?
3. Do you sit for prolonged periods?
4. Can you look overhead and see the wall behind you?
5. Do you have triggers such as red wine, chocolate or your menstrual cycle?

A Precision Physio Headache Relief Program assessment includes:

Lasting, effective drug-free relief for many headache sufferers
A much clearer understanding of the cause of headaches
Referral for further investigation, Precision will assist you in this process by communicating and working directly with your GP if headaches cannot be fully managed by physiotherapy treatment alone

The Precision Physio Headache Relief Program is available at the Olympic Park, Concord and St Marys Clinics. Pricing starts from $90 and is eligible for health fund rebates.



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