Noshu Low Carb Indulgence Bars

Noshu Low Carb Indulgence Bars

Finally, Indulgence Without Compromise: Noshu Launches New Product Line Inspired by Australia's favourite Chocolate Bars


Low sugar food company Noshu, has today announced the launch of their Low Carb Indulgence Bars. The new bars – Peanut & Caramel Nougat, Coconut Bliss, and Cherry & Coconut – are reinventions of three iconic chocolate bars Australians know and love, but with far less sugar and carbs, meaning you can indulge whenever you want.

To mark the occasion, Noshu has written public thank you letters to the makers of these more-famous bars, thanking them for 'paving the chocolatey way' and inspiring a new, better-for-you kind of treat. They're even offering free Indulgence Bars to the Aussie employees of two global confectionery companies.

"We were really fond of the iconic chocolate bars we all grew up with. In fact, we wished we could eat them more often without feeling guilty," says Founder and CEO of Noshu, Rachel Bajada. "That's what inspired us to create these lower sugar, Low Carb Indulgence Bars. It's only fitting to launch this new range by thanking the makers of the originals for the inspiration. It's a new take on an old classic to fit our modern lifestyles."


Noshu has used natural, plant-based sweeteners, high quality Non-GMO ingredients, and real chocolate from sustainable and ethical cocoa to create treats with the same irresistible flavour, but without the high sugar and carbs. These delicious game changers are also keto friendly and made without Maltitol.


Rachel Bajada founded Noshu in 2013 after struggling to find convenient sweet treats without sugar or chemical sweeteners for her type 2 diabetic family members. As one of Australia's leading low sugar food businesses, Noshu has created an extensive portfolio of innovative products to disrupt mainstream categories, with 100% of their range manufactured locally in Australia. They're on a mission to help everyone indulge in their cravings and enjoy their favourite treats, while being able to maintain a healthier, low sugar lifestyle.

Noshu Low Carb Indulgence Bars can be found in the muesli bar aisle of most Coles and Woolworths  supermarkets nationally as well as select independent grocers. Australian employees of two confectionery corporations that inspired Indulgence Bars are welcome to redeem a complimentary box at



Cherry & Coconut

Coconut Bliss

Peanut and Caramel Nougat