Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death

Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death

The second stand-alone documentary in the Australia Uncovered strand,

Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death premieres 8:30pm Sunday 19 September


Every day at least nine people in Australia die from suicide*, and a further 179 people** attempt to take their own life. That's one person every eight minutes.


Premiering 8:30pm Sunday 19 September, landmark feature-length documentary Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death explores Australia's suicide crisis and investigates how new science, innovative thinking and technology could help prevent suicide. Osher will reflect on his own mental health experiences while examining why suicide rates remain high in Australia, and what is being done across the country to try and make a difference.


Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death offers a moving insight into Australia's suicide crisis, delving into the psychology behind suicidal ideation, providing insight into the minds of people who want to take their own lives. Osher meets survivors of suicide and follows their journey to help prevent others from attempting suicide. He engages with experts who are making a difference, and he showcases the latest evidence-based treatments that are saving lives. Science and technology can prove essential in reducing suicide rates. By studying suicide in Australia, the documentary will identify which communities in this country require the most help.


Presenter Osher Günsberg said:

"Suicide is a very real and prevalent problem in our community, and I know firsthand what it's like to experience suicidal ideation. Two profound symptoms of mental illness are that it can make you feel like you're the only person this is happening to, and it's going to feel this bad forever. Both of those things are false and in this film we show that every day in Australia, there are people working tirelessly to try and prevent suicide, and it's so important to know that there is help out there, and there are ways forward. I really hope that with this SBS documentary, we are able to not only offer hope to those suffering and show how much help is available – but to also help those who love someone that is struggling to understand just what happens when your brain starts to work in unhelpful ways. We want to encourage honest conversations between friends, family, and colleagues. At the very least, we need to recognise Australia's suicide crisis, because you cannot fix a problem if you don't acknowledge it exists."


Lune Media Executive Producer & Director, Jodi Boylan said:

"Millions of Australians, whatever their background, are impacted by issues surrounding mental health, mental illness and suicide – either directly, or through the experiences of friends and loved ones. Making this documentary we've had the privilege of meeting those working at the frontline of suicide prevention in Australia, as well as others who've been personally affected, including survivors and family members. By bravely sharing their stories, they've helped us put a face to the issues that affect so many of us. And by challenging the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness, and highlighting the solutions that are out there, we hope we might be able to inspire many others to be brave and ask for the help they need."


Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death premieres shortly after World Suicide Prevention Day on Friday 10 September and precedes Mental Health Awareness Month in October. To coincide with series premiere, Osher will curate a collection of his favourite film and TV selections for SBS On Demand, available to view from Saturday 18 September.


The documentary will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitles in five languages: Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean, allowing more Australians to engage in the important topic. The series will also be available with audio description for blind or vision-impaired audiences.


A Lune Media production for SBS. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with SBS. Financed with the assistance of Screen NSW.


Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death premieres 8:30pm Sunday 19 September on SBS and SBS On Demand. The documentary is part of an 8-part documentary series Australia Uncovered, airing Sunday nights on SBS.