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Planetude Menstrual Cups Interview

Never pay TAX on your UTERUS again all while reducing landfill!

This year's Brisbane Eco Expo has an amazing lineup of sustainable, environmentally-friendly exhibitors that are showcasing a variety of life changing products. Sustainability and health benefits go hand in hand as environmentally conscious products are often free of nasty ingredients, making them kinder to the human body.

Planetude Menstrual Cups - Never pay TAX on your UTERUS again all while reducing landfill! Planetude Mentral Cups are eco-friendly, female menstrual cups that offer an alternative to tampons and pads. One cup can be used for up to 10 years. Never be stuck without a feminine hygiene product again.

Interview with Kristie Lockhart

Question: When did you begin an environmentally conscious lifestyle?

Kristie Lockhart: Back in the year 2000, when I began studying to be a naturopath.

Question: How did this inspire Planetude Menstrual Cups?

Kristie Lockhart: I've always been a naturist, meaning from a young age I was fascinated by nature and loved everything about the natural environment. Being outside was my favourite thing. Gazing at the clouds, feeling the grass under my feet, playing in the rain, riding my bike through the bush... then, when I began learning about natural medicine, it reinforced my understanding of the power of nature. As I grew older and became more aware of global issues and politics, I developed a strong desire to be a leader, speak out for the environment and lead by example. Feeling very passionate about recycling, reducing landfill and women's health, led me to discover the menstrual cup. After finding that the menstrual cup was a life changing experience for me, I wanted to share this with the women of Australia knowing that not only is the menstrual cup convenient, comfortable, and cost effective, but it will mean a drastic decrease in disposable sanitary items going to landfill.

Question: How is Planetude Menstrual Cups an ethical and sustainable brand?

Kristie Lockhart: Planetude menstrual cups are an ethical choice as the factory where they are manufactured has excellent conditions for workers. The silicon is medical grade and FDA approved. The cups are sustainable because Silica - second only to oxygen, is the most abundant element in Earth's crust. Silicon is actually recyclable (at designated places) and each cup lasts a lifetime. Each woman, only needs one. Also, for every 10 cups that Planetude sells, they donate 1 to charity.

Question: How does Planetude Menstrual Cups decrease their footprint by implementing eco-friendly practices?

Kristie Lockhart: Planetude menstrual cups, are not packaged in a box. They are inside a small plastic bag (which can be recycled) and this is for hygiene reasons. They are packaged in an organza pouch which is designed to be its home when it's not in use. It also keeps the cup discreet when it is in your bag or drawer.

Question: What is a menstrual cup?

Kristie Lockhart: A menstrual cup is a medical grade silicon cup, that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. It catches the menstrual loss providing a comfortable, effective, reusable alternative to disposable sanitary items.

Question: When did you first begin using menstrual cups?

Kristie Lockhart: About six years ago!

Question: What should we know before buying and using a menstrual cup?

Kristie Lockhart: Depending on your flow, you can get up to 12 hours of protection before needing to wash it and re-insert. On a regular flow day, you should be able to insert in shower morning and night without having to change it during the day or night.

Question: How are you reducing your plastic consumption at home and in the office?

Kristie Lockhart: At home, we recycle all our soft plastics (and try to avoid as much as we can). We don't use single use plastic bottles or bags. We recycle our soft plastics via the redcycle program offered at supermarkets. We use degradable plastic garbage bags, always say no to plastic straws, use bamboo toothbrushes, and we make our own bread to avoid all those plastic bread bags. We also use mesh produce bags when doing our fruit and veg shopping (which is a product that Planetude has recently added to the range and will be available at the Eco Expo in bundles of 6 and 9!)

90% of Planetude's business is done electronically, but where paper is involved, it is a recycled paper, that again gets recycled.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Kristie Lockhart: I am a Mum with 3 children under 10 so I am mostly busy raising them, running the household and getting my eco business "Planetude" off the ground!

Question: What's next for Planetude Menstrual Cups?

Kristie Lockhart: Adding more fantastic Eco products to the range, developing a website and online store, and hopefully finding some retailers to stock our Products.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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