Relax at East Day Spa and indulge in a taste of Italy at Merchant

Relax at East Day Spa and indulge in a taste of Italy at Merchant

Relax at East Day Spa and indulge in a taste of Italy at Merchant

Visit The Rialto this Autumn to experience an indulgent new dining and spa package from Guy Grossi's latest restaurant, Merchant, and East Day Spa at Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto.

Choose from an array of five carefully ritualized massage options, from the gentle, relaxing strokes of the Shanti to the deep tissue and stress-relief of the Veda. Drift into a state of complete calm as East's trained therapists gently restore balance to the body.

Continue on your journey of relaxation and unwind with Aperitivo at Merchant where you can imbibe in a pre-prandial ritual between the end of the working day and the beginning of the nightly meal.

In keeping with the North-East Italian tradition, Aperitivo at Merchant includes your choice of a Bellini or Campari cocktail accompanied by 'cicchetti', small bites of food to help the mind and body transition from the stresses of work into the purest joys of life.
Aperitivo is enjoyed at Merchant between 4 and 6PM, Monday to Saturday.

East Day Spa is a privately-owned, luxury spa company, which operates spas in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and Bali, where a flagship villa complex is situated. East Day Spa is dedicated to treating all aspects of a person's wellness; relaxing the body, calming the soul and clearing the mind. The spa is underpinned by our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences to our guests, promising nurture calm and relaxation from the moment they arrive. Our spa menu includes over 70 treatments fusing ancient holistic healing traditions from our South East Asian origins with the very best in modern European beauty therapies.

The latest Grossi Restaurant, Merchant offers a bustling and moody haunt/hub where the city's workers, dwellers and lovers meet to sample rich, simple food and sumptuous wines. Enter this osteria and be enchanted by the Grossi family's honest approach to hospitality where guests are welcomed to celebrate traditional Italian flavours in a warming setting. Guy Grossi's menu boasts regional food from Italy's northern parts, showcasing the cuisine from his mother's Verona origins.
Authentic, Sophisticated, Spirited. Experience sogni d'oro at Merchant

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